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  1. I just wanted to come out and clear up a few things. I am the person Lipiciul poked the message too, I want to clarify that Lipiciuls poke did not offend me, earlier in the day he was spamming me out of no where on steam and when he poked me with what he said I went to Deadly to report his behavior. Lipiciul has spammed me in the past and I have told him to stop before. This is why I reported him, due to his past behavior and him not stopping. Proof of spam (remove if not appropriate):
  2. Thank you for your explanation. I now understand the reason and fully accept this ban. I only wish I had known about that beforehand but the fault is on me. I want to apologize to Pancake and anyone else who disliked me recording them, I hope this won't ruin our friendship. I want to apologize again to Pancake and also Clark for having to waste their time with this matter because of my actions. I want to apologize to Jozh for the same and for my attitude and subject matter I talked about in my last ban thread, I feel what I said in that thread was totally unnecessary, I should have apologized sooner and I have tried to improve from that point.
  3. What did J. Clark and Pancake tell you and Jozh? This is nothing like the prior ban in the sense of me renaming myself and using the same pre-recorded voice messages of the person I renamed myself to and engaging in conversation with the users in the channel. When I was in the channel I was requested to play the pre-recorded voice messages I had, some people in the channel requested their own pre-recorded voice messages to be played. I was not trying to fool anyone into thinking I was someone else, therefore the ban-reasoning should be reflected as such. If this ban is strictly about recording people in the barracks channel I will avoid this practice from this point on.
  4. Reznov

    Benzopila Terrain

    Looking good, keep up the good work!
  5. If any of you guys have got Rainbow Six Siege a new update has been released called "Operation Dust Line". It adds two new Navy SEAL operators, one new map and a bunch of cool headgear and meh weapon charms. Just wanted to remind anyone who has the game but might have got bored of it, to check out the new stuff. EDIT: Video of all the new stuff
  6. Welcome to UO, hope to play with you on the primary soon.
  7. Alright the last few days have been sweet but I think this should be time served or shortened. 1. My 24 hour ban was 2 and a half years ago back in arma 2 days. 2. I was banned due to following Sherminator because I thought he knew where he was going. I realize my very first ban was needed and you can see I have a problem with my maturity in teamspeak but I believe this time spent banned is enough to realize I need to mature and act my age in Teamspeak.
  8. Can confirm. See you in a week.
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