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  1. https://robertsspaceindustries.com/spectrum/community/UOSC/forum/437/thread/uosc-meet-up-3-0 Should organize a STAR CITIZEN Event.
  2. what is it that you saw? i would like to know exactly. where in the video shows i "disobeyed orders" and where does it show where i " Hit multiple people, that I believe caused damage to both himself and them" ? i would like to be that to be presented and explained. your quote should have room for a benefit of a doubt if you cant see everything and Only act on what you see. looks like you didnt see much. i would appreciated it if you would of dropped me to a channel to discuss the issue you observed to have more clarity for both of us.
  3. i was hit twice, i didnt ram any one. i was bumped from the back by i believe perfk's atv, i was hit from the left (by idk) while hitting a street sign. Saw FOX tumble in perfks vid and it look like he was dysncing, just like in the beginning of the video when every one stepped off and freaked out. did not intent for racing. i wasnt making racing noises, did not even say anything about or related to racing, unlike others.
  4. "In the game Squad, user walked up to a team member and shot him in the head. I witnessed this teamkill, at which the user pointed his gun at me and shot me in the head." I most Currently did not commit that act of Team Kill. In game I took fire, I lied down and went afk to say bye to some family members, i came back to a ban for team killing?? I went AFK. Ive never tk anyone In the UO Community with intent. Walking up to players shooting in the head is not what ive done What sooo ever. This Ban is a big misunderstanding. I just literally bought this game to play within the uo community, with best intention. Second match i get banned for accusations i did not commit? Im telling you i did not walk up to anyone and execution style Team Kill anyone. i want to see logs of this from game.
  5. nothing is working for me... cant auth. or find teamspeak server anymore.
  6. I completely Truely understand why I got Banned. Yes I reslotted. Yes I looted My Dead Body... (unknowingly until now) I had No intentions for MetaGaming Nor Looking to obtain more ammo from my dead Body. I reslotted for being a bit stuborn becuase I distroyed my Bike and figuared well im fainting and im basicly close to the starting piont/Respawn area. I reslotted, and found my location so I contiued down the Trail to the Objective. While going down the trail i speed by a dead body not knowing it was my prior body, i looted this body unbeknownst it was me. i started thinking if it was my resent player or not and as my questioning of this dead body, thats when i was kicked and learned Exactly what had happened. I would like to thank GreenDemon For Poking me 35 Mins Before Ban. Unforturnately I was unaware of GreenDemons Poke on TS3. Things i would of done Differently Read The Forums Carefuly Understanding the Simulation of ACE(Meaning you brake a leg... well then i guess your screwd for the whole match) By the way I couldnt find anyone around me!! Hills have eyes!
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