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  1. You will have good time.Start with rifleman, AR, grenadier when you hear fill slots in squad. You can post AAR after completed mission - giving out your opinion. If you need technical help hang around in help and support TS3 room or post thread in technical support sections. If you complete famil course or any other don't forget to save your ts3 credentials so you have backup. Welcome.
  2. Also you could try copying acre plugins (documents, arma 3, acre, plugins) into TS3 plugins folder.
  3. CO Weapon X 1'6 Lancer 1'2 TinfoilHate 1'3 Psgschsolm 1'4 SovietSlime 1 squad Perfk 2 squad Whisper 2plt AC 337 2'2 Redish_red 3plt Max 3'2 Kiesby 3'3 Jozh94 1plt 1'1 driver for psgschsolm Good job on commanding wicked mission. We got killed at Platoon line white Somewhere from the left.Probably town
  4. little known fact: http://aar.unitedoperations.net/ Take a look after you played mission on primary.
  5. I use to have 3d desktop where I had everything arranged in order. And sometimes I have Stardock Fences which help with organization.
  6. Darn.As usual might be some type of network congestion on your end, this type of things get resolved with time. But if is only happening with UO, server admin will offer some more insight.
  7. On Bluefor side CO sovietpolarbear 11 enex 12 Kingslayer 13 Rode to Dismount, pushed to Dirt road and crossed it without contact. As we pushed to objective we crossed roads from left to right side due to restrictive terrain (which was better off for us) and Kingslayer deconflicted situation fairly quickly (1'2 was on right side) so that went well.As we pushed to NW side toward MSR we got destroyed from Bunkers in a jungle. Interesting mission.
  8. CO - Falcon Bit confusion on early on - mostly because of ad hoc detaching 1 platoon second squad to third platoon to Corax. M1113 got filled and leader got left out - Rolled with CO victor. As we approached and got to the trenches we sweep throught fairly quickly and completed objective. How did we destroy the wires?
  9. This is issue that I have randomly.It's in vannila arma.BI are working on the issue.Latest profiling branch seem to work for people as per discord.Should be published in next update.
  10. Ending shot was pretty good. Setting up pair of RPG gunners with 2 thermobaric rockets from RPGs ended mission as a success.
  11. CO Beta 1.Century 2.Headshot 3sl Whisper 3 4 boner 3 5 SovietPolarbear Interesting mission.First contant was a surprise.Tough mission for deconflicting blue on blue.
  12. If you get this you should plug USB with windows on it, or CD and run repair. Then find Command prompt in repair options or in advance options and text "bootrec.exe /fix mbr. That fixes your problem since malware isn't tempering with files like deleting them or destroying your system. That is good to hear. From my research you can't switch from MBR to GPT without deleting files on HDD. But if you do, decide to do it is pretty simple to create GPT.You make your usb drive as GPT with a program like rufus, or you do couple of commands in command prompt when installing or repairing windows.I don't remember exactly what commands.
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