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  1. Name: Andrew Position: Anything Infantry, including leadership Event Staffing: No.
  2. Hey guys, Just wanted to bring this to your attention: http://www.bestbuy.com/site/Deep+Silver+-+Metro%3A+Last+Light+(Digital+Download)/9592148.p?id=1219046650885&skuid=9592148&sellerId= Quick summary for those too lazy to click on the link: Metro Last Light for 0.01 USD. No idea if it actually works yet, going through the purchase process now.
  3. Quoting this to highlight my answer to "Do you want to Lead:" is Y (which is not reflected in the spreadsheet). Whether or not it was a conscious choice, I just wanted to bring attention to it. I sent you a PM about this Boon but I'm sure you get a lot of PMs so quoting here.
  4. IGN: Andrew Do you want to Lead: Y (can do, preferably not higher than SL) Q.C.C.: Separated from PC until the 16th. Thus, cannot give 100% assurance I won't withdraw. Regular: N
  5. To avoid confusion, we actually refer to this as a file.
  6. Honestly, if you're going to wait to buy it, it might be more worth it to buy now seeing as it's at a discounted price. Unless if you're OK with waiting until after release when the sale brings it down to a even lower price. EDIT: I'm not aware if you're deciding between ArmA 2 and ArmA 3, or already own ArmA 2 and deciding whether or not to pick up ArmA 3.
  7. Contrails talked about it, ended up trying it for a bit, leaving and coming back a year or so later.
  8. Game Name - Andrew FTOC - N Special Note: May or may not have tags from famil course by this course's time. Of course, if I don't have the tags, I will respectfully bow out.
  9. Andrew


    Hello, my name is Andrew (also my real name). I've been playing on the UO servers and have found it to be an extremely unique experience. I decided to get a bit more involved in the community, so here starts my forum life.
  10. CO33_Chak_Chak_Pt1_V3
  11. Right, I just want to give my point of view regarding the situation and apologize if I was too hasty in my judgment. I respawned at base next to Nemo, who was a JIP in my squad. After about 3 minutes of standing there, I was knocked out. When I looked around, Nemo was the only person present so I thought it was him and told him not to do it again. Following this incident, a bunch of people at base grouped up and started discussing the status of the mission. A LMG gunner was then knocked over (name unknown) but I wasn't sure who knocked him over. The LMG gunner got up and knocked over Nemo. Nou came into the circle, informed us that the next person to knock someone over would get a ban. We started using the LR to try and get an ETA on when the choppers would be back at base. Nemo was standing approximately 120 degrees in the circle from Nou. From my point of view, I saw Nemo move clockwise around the circle, heard Nou get knocked over, and saw Nemo disconnect. This led me to accuse Nemo. Nemo, if I falsely accused you, I apologize for it. From my point of view, it looked like you did it but obviously, that's only one point of view and I'm truly sorry if I was wrong.
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