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  1. I haven't been working on this in a while, but it sounds like a good idea to show the maximum flying height of the shells. It'll definitely go in if I can calculate it easily.
  2. track format = data format for the recording.
  3. It should not be too hard to make a track format that can later be extended with more info without breaking compatibility if you make it in a way that missing information can just be ignored.
  4. 1-1-L MedEvac Crew Chief spawns inside carrier. Check the spawn point Z coordinate. EDIT: Didn't happen when mission was started second time, may be sync issue
  5. We've had this. http://forums.unitedoperations.net/index.php/topic/20280-game-server-sops-50/?do=findComment&comment=251370 https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/2808338/Enemy_Assets.png
  6. Nobody should be patting themselves on the back thinking "We fixed something, UO is better now" when this poll passes. It is a pretty meaningless change that will do nothing to improve gameplay on the primary. Where the hell did the barrier to entry concept go?
  7. Name: DukeOfEarl Availability: Any after 18:00 Zulu until around 01:00 Zulu Slot request: Opfor, any infantry position, I can fly helicopters in a pinch but I'm not proficient. Other skills: Tiger Team
  8. Name: DukeOfEarl Course: FTP 1 Date: 28 Jan 2014 Instructor: enex, Jimbo, Lord Yod I learned good stuff. Was awesome. Really, really good instructors, good pacing, good execution.
  9. Are we starting a UO org in StaCi? Found the thread - http://forums.unitedoperations.net/index.php/topic/21858-uo-star-citizen-organization/
  10. I'm not going to be building a joystick from legos :-) I'm using a MS Sidewinder 2 Pro FF as stick, and I'll continue to recommend that stick to anyone who doesn't need more hats and buttons than the stick does and has low expectations for throttle control (or uses an additional throttle quadrant anyway). The throttle is pretty good as far as accuracy goes, but I'll replace the lego parts eventually.
  11. I built a pedal to use for keying my mic. It registers as a joystick button and I set it as PTT button in Teamspeak. It works beautifully. I used a normal pushbutton that I connected directly to GND and the input pin on the arduino, with the internal pullup resistor enabled, so the input goes LOW when the button is pressed. In lieu of any complicated debounce logic, I just have a 500ms cooldown, so when a button press is registered, the joystick button goes high for the next 500ms, and any registered press resets the cooldown.
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