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  1. yes getting rid of the bloat is always a good start for those who want to make changes.
  2. Local Pub I think to be fair in regards to radios you were experiencing or Lancer was experiencing a bug as you didn't seem to be able to hear people on the radio. For example did you ever hear Lancer he was on your net but you sounded like you couldn't hear him.
  3. I feel like I should have voted no to save yourself from yourself.
  4. Bad reason aside great guy no reason to say no.
  5. My advice boils down to do you want to overclock any of your components or leave them as stock.
  6. My only input is if it's an option go for a Zotac GTX 1070ti AMP extreme... its a big BIG card (12" long) and fugly unless industrial bee monster is a theme. Having said that they have possibly the best air cooling systems I have seen (short of some expensive after market stuff). Currently running a 1080 version and it will passively cool on some games.
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