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  1. as a foreigner and somebody who wanders around lots of arma communities, i guarantee you that United Pacific is actually is THE best tactical community around. you guys need to get out from your usual snobbery and extremely high expectations, as the picture around far from what you expect. and it's rather sad picture seriously, even at this poit UP is outclassing everything that is currently exists, but you don't know that because you only sit here, so you guys have ALL the rights to claim to be the best tactical community in arma, probably worldwide the only people may have an opinion like UP is not good enough are the people who don't play anywhere else. seriously. take my word on this one
  2. i was slotted as ftl for squad one team alpha after regrouping on RV we've been told to start pushing to the north, which we did, after reaching compound 4 and on the way to GUN 1 to shoot it with AT, i've been told on radio that our SL is dead and that i should take command, i called 1'6 on long range station that 1'1 is currently next to GUN 1 and and asking to check fire on bunkers right next to it as we will stay there, 1'6 told to fall back to compound 1 where, i confirmed that we are moving out on lr and was shot dead walking out from the bunker
  3. i can download, use and switch between mods from pws repository instead of downloading it from armaholic + it allow me to auto join servers overall it's no brainer option due to pws repository and ease of use. i can play anywhere and anyhow using it and it's great.
  4. no matter how buggy and annoying PWS can be sometimes, i would still choose it any time any day over a3sync. pws is amazing tool, i can forgive it being crazy from time to time. sorry a3sync, you just don't cut it.
  5. revive is not experimental, you just need to set it correctly. if there is no revive - then you can't fall unconsciousness. i can provide you my serverside configs i use on my server if you can't figure out how to set it up. class cse_moduleDamageSettings { damageThresholdAI = 0.5; // How much damage does it take for an AI to be killed. 1 = Default. damageThresholdPlayers = 1; // How much damage does it take for a player to be killed. 1 = Default. }; class cse_basicRevive { enableFor = 1; // Select what units Basic Revive will be enabled for. 0 = disabled. 1 = Players only. 2 = Players and AI. ONLY USE 2 IF A DAMAGE THRESHOLD MODULE IS ENABLED FOR AI (Either CMS or cse_damage_ai) timer = 600; // Can obviously be adjusted to any desired time frame amountOf = 2; // Works fine with 2, can be decreased to 1.5 - 1, less makes no sense as you will get killed on next bullet }; class cse_sys_medical { openingOfWounds = true; // When set to true, bandaged wounds could on occasion re-open, resulting in new open wounds that need to be bandaged. medicSetting = true; // Medics only are able to view the detailed information. difficultySetting = 1; // The aggressiveness of the medical simulation. 0.5 = recruit, 1.5 = Expert. enableFor = 0; // Select what units CMS will be enabled for. 0 = Players only. 1 = Players and AI. enableAirway = 0; // 1 = CMS Airway enabled. 0 = disabled. aidKitRestrictions = 3; // Determines where the aid kit can be used. 0 = Medical facility. 1 = Med Facility & No Bleeding restriction. 2 = Anywhere. 3 = Anywhere & No Bleeding restriction. vehCrashes = true; // Enable injuries on vehicle crashes stitchingAllow = 1; // -1 = disabled, 0 = medics only, 1 = everyone, aidKitUponUsage = false; // Personal aid kits are disposable items if true. aidKitMedicsOnly = false; // Only medics can use personal aid kits for full heal. bandageTime = 5; // Time in seconds. }; also, to clarify: all modules in mission are rewriting server configs, so don't worry about it
  6. as i know, if you don't place ALiVE AI skill module it should not conflict with anything Ai related
  7. i still don't get it, did you actually tested alive + zeus coupled performance on estimated numbers or not?
  8. er.. what do you mean by that? too much players or too few?
  9. enjoying serverside configs alot, the only thing that bothers me a little bit is white screen of pain is too rough and alive still didn't integrated with you, other than that this is the best alternative to ACE i tried also, would be cool if players were able to wake up from being down from time to time, instead of lying down for whole 600 seconds aaaand on other note.. is it possible to have some script command to create an a terminal so other players can use it to watch helm cams, since i don't want them to have tables, but to be able to watch the mission progress back at base using terminal...
  10. ahem.. AlLiVE coupled with Zeus could be much better combo than just zeus alone alive have some obvious features such as being able to populate whole map with just a few clicks also to place asembled bases and checkpoints populated with enemies (using zeus) and more impostantly Alive have MISSION GENERATION so you don't even need to create whole things yourself, if you are lazy
  11. yeah, picked up this mod long time ago aswell, but i still can't figure out how to use blufor tracker..
  12. sthud is a must for public sessions. yeah, it may be considered as "cheat" or anything but all it was aimed for and all it does is saving alot of time for organization. and time is the most precious resource especially when you have around 2-3 hours to play staying up up on night. it makes stuff quick and simple for squad leader and all squad. i don't see anything terribad with it. it enhance the team play, what else you should care about?..
  13. err guise, how the heck switch between screens when playing game?
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