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  1. Thanks Dslyecxi for all your and your groups hard work and sharing the results. It definitely adds to the enjoyability of this milsim. I think the problem is more the mindset of our player base not the mod. BTW I think the improvements look pretty good, can't wait to try them out. Tracer
  2. Hey guys, just curious is Arma3 worth buying at this time? Or would it be better to wait? Some of the videos I have seen especially Dslyecxi's vid really sold me. Tracer
  3. Thanks for the posts guys. And no worries about the private training. I lucked out last year and had two awesome regulars give me a tour when I logged on to the training server and screwed up. I really appreciated it. I'm looking forward to the next course and am trying to get ready for a mission by next weekend if I can. Just need to go through some drills and some offline missions and good to go. Sounds great bout the poke, thanks. And boy was that a trial trying to get Arma working, took me almost a week. In the end had to do a complete uninstall and reinstall. I even found an issue with TrackIR, if you have TrackIR running it will override your in game settings for the keymaps, in particular F7, F9 and F12. I had to remap them in TrackIR for them to work in Arma or Steel Beasts, just an FYI. See you guys online : ) Tracer. Oh and a PS, I am unable sometimes to use the enter key to give me paragraphs so everything is typed like this, my next project to fix I guess : ). Tracer
  4. Hi Guys, I just wanted to give a shout out to say hi. I've been away almost a year now but have decided now is the right time to come back. Sometimes life kicks you when your down and it takes a while to get back up. I'm currently playing Steel Beasts with the ESim guys to get my tank fix, but am looking at getting into some Arma2 action with United Operations. The guys in my famil course last year seemed pretty serious and liked to play in a serious fun fashion. I took the famil course last June but have yet to play a game online with you guys. I finally have Arma2 setup and working and am working through shaking off the rust, still fumbling with the keys : ) . I'm going through some online tutorials and practicing taking out armour with the AT weapons in order to slot in as the AT Rifleman again, I figured start at the bottom and experience my way up learning from the vets. I'm going to jump into any training offered and hopefully will be able to be an asset rather than a liability as soon as possible : ). Still having trouble with the spotting of the bad guys. I'm not sure if this is allowed or not but would love to get some unofficial training if possible. I would really appreciate if anyone would setup a mission on the training server and take me through some actions to see what I remembered. If so please send me a PM. Otherwise no worries, Just thought I would ask. Looking forward to seeing you guys on the battlefield Tracer
  5. I was CO of the 186th Wardogs which was a part of the 185th Reserviour Dogs. Once I save up enough for a new hotas system I'm planning on getting back into the F16 online scene again, it was a lot of fun. Look forward to seeing you online. Tracer
  6. Is this course scheduled for July 7? I assume June is a typo due to it being posted today? If so please save me a spot Tracer
  7. Hey Guys, Thanks for all the great replies, it makes me think I made the right decision. This is a great place. I'm looking forward to teaming up with you guys online and learning how to act within the guidelines of UO SOPs etc. From what I can see of the videos you guys for the most part take this milsim a little more on the serious side which is what I am looking for. Its very satisfying working together in a virtual hostile environment to complete a mission successfully. In this case I speak more from my Falcon 4 online squadron days. So I am hoping I can jump into the training server and join in on what ever training is going on if possible and then gain the confidence to go on missions in the primary server. I'm not too sure what timezones are most active but I live in Alberta Canada UTC -7 and am planning on being on during the week around 7pm mountain time and will try to dedicate some time each weekend as well, I'll have to see what schedule falls out based on what is being played etc. The best way to get better at something is to practice it and often. Thanks again guys Salute Tracer
  8. Hey Guys, Well I had my first online training experience on the training server and I wanted to post it for any new guys in the same situation. I have to admit I was a little nervous at first as I am still fumbling with the keys. So I launch into the server and planned to do some range estimation with the rangefinder solo. I kept radio silence and move around the map while other guys are training. I get dumped and come back and am back at the base. So I hop in a helo and take off. Unknown to me Sgt Lobster was trying to tell me to stop. I never heard him so kept going. I get kicked for it. I thought, I really screwed up so I announced in TS that it was my first time online and I simply screwed up and didn't hear any comms telling me to desist. They were really cool about it and told me not to worry. Well eventually SgtLobster and TrickyMonkey took time out of their schedules to actually walk me through some basics, movement, weapons range and even the Urban close combat range. Wow. I learned that I have so much to learn, but thanks to them I feel comfortable now coming online and getting involved. They told me next time to come on and just say hi, I'm new and see if I can join or just hang out. I guess being a new guy means you will make mistakes, I still don't like doing them but would rather mess up in training than a mission. I love the formality used in game, being ex military it feels right. They talk I listen and do as I'm told. My next step is to start training to be a qualified Rifleman and go from there. Don't be afraid to come online and get involved. If I would have just left after being kicked I would have missed out on a fantastic experience, it was well worth me swallowing my pride and saying sorry. I can't wait to get online again. Thanks and GG'ing Tracer
  9. I emailed them and within 2 hours I got a reply and a borrowed ID which allowed me to play a week. I found them extremely responsive which surprised the hell out of me. Very good group over there mature and knowledgable. Their visual range graphics are phenomenal IMO. Looking at a tank far away looks too real. For me it was worth the cost. Tracer
  10. Hey all, I recentlyl found UO on Youtube and had to stop by. I recently found Arma and am enjoying the beginning of the learning curve. I also play SteelBeasts for my tank sim and its great to have an infantry sim as well. Now if only they would combine as StelelBeasts is a great tank sim. I am brand new at this sim btu am hoping on getting online soon to test our my acre install. I come from the Falcon4 world of online gaming and like the semi structured style of play. I like to have...

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