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  1. User received a warning point for this post.
  2. Bonjour! Je suis Boner, a bientot!
  3. Any sort of static or active defenses would help balance out. I would suggest adding a few deployables (sandbags, wire, or small bunker) only used by Leadership within the start up timer. Having an ammo crate with extra ammo and few explosives would not hurt like AT mines or claymores.
  4. Name: Boner Class Requested: Armor or FO Days Requested (optional): Any Times Requested (optional): 2400z (Fri-Sat), anytime (weekdays)
  5. My body will be more ready than last week's TVT
  6. My body is ready, every part, all of it. Ready.
  7. Just upgraded to Windows 10. -my Arma 3 folder is constantly invisible, it can only be traced when I go to steam > Arma > Properties > Local files. -When I look at the Steam common folder, every game is there but Arma 3. -I tried cutting all the content under the original folder and making a new arma 3 folder with the same name. I replaced the content, but as soon as it recognizes that it's named Arma 3, it vanishes. Any clues?
  8. Don't sweat it. Save it and we can just use for the next event, bud. I'm sure by then all that's needed for change is probably the theme and small details. Looking forward to playing it!
  9. If we are looking forward to more large scale events involving high player counts, I suggest taking a look of successful events led by other communities. For example, I've gotten the opportunity to participated in a few FNF events which were pretty successful with little issues in performance. For those who are not familiar: As the name implies, it happens every Friday Night where different tactical ARMA 3 communities muster their own members to brawl it out in large scale TVTs. I've attended it twice and from my experience, it was a surprising smooth experience, averaging about 80-100 players every time. "Friday Night Fights is a massive weekly event hosted by Arma 3's Phalanx. It began being hosted by another group called Bravo Company with the objective to bring multiple outfits together in a large but friendly PvP competition. The event regularly gathers 80-120 players." More info: http://phalanxgroup.net/forum/viewtopic.php?f=1&p=2 What I think we can incorporate from this experience? -They have 4 missions each spanning strictly 60 minutes with a 15 minute JIP time limit, locking the server after that to prevent performance and balance issues. -Opening up for other communities to participate had several benefits : 1) Everyone was on their best not to show SHAMEFUR DISPRAY on the organizations they represented which limited trolls 2) Communities from different parts (AUS, BRAZIL, and RUSSIA) pulled some unique squad tactics and overall strategies that were refreshing to see. 3) Meeting new people is always fun. -They kept their missions bare boned with no AI, no objects and permitting only the following mods: CBA, TFAR (We can change to ACRE ) ACE, RHS, and CUP Terrains/Map(Optional for UO) to make it easily accessible for everyone.
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