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    Waiting for you...at your end...
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    keeping souls for all eternity.The punishment of mankind. Damning, hurting, skining, meat hooking, cutting, psychological instability... really anything related to the punishment of mankind.

    I also like long walks on the beach, fine poetry and fonduing with my girlfriend Glinda the Good Witch.
  1. Feel free to add me guys. Would love to join you, right now I'm heavily involved in trading. Just picked up a cobra. I definitely be down for some semi-organized sessions. And I know in the near future with the wings update, it appears the coordinatedco-op is going to become a viable reality. I'll.add you guys. See you in space!in-game in ComradeLucifer.
  2. word of warning, if you are using avast, add the .exe as a global exception; otherwise the .exe is nuked and you have to re-download. I'm doing that right now. Happening to a lot of people if you check the forums, so you might wanna white-list the program in you antivirus before attempting to run it.
  3. Nickname (ingame/ts): ComradeLucifer Date: Sunday, 01/03/15 Time: 1900z Notes: I already have this tag and retain some knowledge, but it's been a very long time since I've played I've gotten very rusty; would like you take the course, but if it becomes full and another person needs my spot, I have no problem bowing out since I already possess the tag and most of the knowledge
  4. Preordered, spent so many hours on these games way back. This is a boon from the gods. Looking forward to some mp action. And that individual control mod sounds great. Tomorrow shall be glorious. Too bad about Cataclysm, but I guess you can't have it all.
  5. Interesting question JB. I actually asked that exact question in a forum post. I didn't get exact numbers, but I was told that the vast majority were not and were civilians "role playing." It's been a while, but if I recall correctly you were, always enjoyed the way you led when I was under you. I'd love to see a head to head, I'd bet UO would have the edge.
  6. yeah....yeah that's right....and I...I....I'm gonna go sit in a corner and rebuild my shattered self-concept; thanks Dackery
  7. Thanks Trip, I feel the exact same way. To me, compelling attendance and unearned respect is a sure fire way to alienate the playerbase. It's funny, because in the orientation they come across as all super hard core, proud of themselves, etc. But to be honest with you, all I saw was a collection of bullies. I asked my fireteam if they were having fun, and surprisingly no one said a word. They chew you out if you speak out of turn, scream at you, give you purposefully impossible tasks, force you to answer questions that you obviously don't know the answers to (unless you have prior military knowledge), etc. I just don't understand the psychology at work there. It's mil-sim yeah, but in the last analysis it is a game. I can't understand why they take it so seriously; as you say Trip, they literally force you to cut all ties, and I HATED doing that, even if it had been a while since i'd been around. Place just ain't for me, it's good to be back on the good side of A3! And I will say that the experience once again brought home to me just how good this place is; so all in all I'll call it an exercise in perspective....yeah, that sounds good
  8. -Jesus cheese...that's certainly taking immersion far. That's what I found off-putting about the realism unit; to me I guess it feels more like a job where I get nervous about performing correctly and having to remember the sir thing, etc. It just felt wrong for me. Not to mention all of the compulsory activities; I personally just don't have the time required for those units. I was extremely respectful while there, and it wasn't once reciprocated in any way. No one really wants to help over there if you"re new. Reminds me of that ambush in Platoon where Gardner is killed because no one bothered to teach him anything. As far as I'm concerned this is the only place to play. So happy to be back. Gotta wrestle with that old demon that is PWS, and then I'm gonna do a quick refresher before I hit the primary. If you wanna come along, feel free. Just shoot a pm. band thank you guys for the warm welcome. It's been rough. Irl for a bit, so this means a lot to me. Looking forward to talking again with you guys in ts as soon as possible
  9. Sorry guys didn't mean to make it sound as if I have a problem with respect. I meant being forced to call a superior sir, and only that kind of attitude, I'm sure you guys remember that I am extremely respectful when playing. I apologize for that sentiment being so poorly worded Slider. .
  10. Yeah, I'm half convinced they're gonna send a squad after me for not completing my training. Hell guys ,they made me make that resignation post just so I could try the organization. Not to mention the personal conduct issues some of them seem to have. You know someone has gone too far down the rabbit hole when they are actively insisting on being called sir and demanding respect in the environment of a game. Crazy behavior in my opinion! I'm gonna have to deal with PWS tomorrow, but I'm looking forward to doing a little refresher with wade before I hop on the primary again. Gonna be great.
  11. yeah....not to knock another crew too hard, but for being so into realism, how the hell do you square the use of third person? I know Slider, guess i didn't pay attention to the all important distinction between community and realism unit...but man is there a difference! Won't be making that mistake again any time soon. EDIT typo
  12. Hi guys, So I've come home again. I tried the MEU, the level of attendance requirements does not seem to fit any sane type of schedule. I left after 2 sessions of their mandatory training; the place is just not fun by any stretch of the imagination. I'm ofifcially un-resigning (if that's a thing) and wanted to make it official. However, that's not really why i wrote this message; I wrote this message to express my gratitude to this community and to assist others who may be considering playing here. I joined UO in June of 2012 and played heavily here for about a year until a series of real life events kinda shut down my arma playing. When i got back into it, honestly, i was worried about coming back here; I didn't know how many of the people I knew once were still around, and I didn't know if I had the time necessary to play...and so I made the rather ill-advised choice to look into other groups. A year of fruitless searching followed; and I've concluded that this is the only place to play arma. I had a blast with you all a while ago, and I apologize for disappearing and attempting to reappear only to disappear once more. Like i said, real-life kinda made arma playing a no-go for a while. It really ripped me up to put this place on the back burner, so to speak. I guess I'm writing this to express my appreciation and continued admiration for this community. It was welcoming of me back in 2012, and it still remains the only community I ever really enjoyed. It's mil-sim here, but it's mil-sim with a soul, I guess is what I'm trying to say. I'm very much looking forward to getting back into it, and I hope to be able to reconnect with some old plays as well. And of course meet new ones. I guess what this comes down to is a heartfelt thank-you from a relatively old member who's looking to come home and rest his bones by the comfortable thermite fire that is the UO community. Thank you for your continued existence and dedication, and adopting and practicing that truly wonderful attitude of "don't be a douche, everything will work out." Looking forward to reconnecting with you all, and with heartfelt appreciation for all this place remains, Your friend, -Comrade
  13. Haven't played here for a couple Years. Just making it official, per application requirements for the 15th MEU. See ya around. Comrade.
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