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  1. I told you it was ancient aliens. Are we getting it?
  2. I knew there was a bloody sniper. Picked off everyone in my squad. I suppose fittingly, Headshot was head shotted right in front of me as he peaked over a sandbag next to the barn.
  3. I had no idea you were starting already. Thought you were just spitballing the idea, hahaha. Post some videos of the high speed tacticalness
  4. Interesting idea. Would definitely be cool if you were able to include practical lessons like CQC, fireteam operation, or that thing where the trainer randomly selects people to "die" to force the team to re-organize and take up leadership while he critiques them. Since we'd be short on time, I'd guess it'd be more like "set-piece" missions than sprawling WACs and have a dedicated purpose to the mission. I'm thinking of missions similar to CO13_ImTheCaptainNow_V3.MCN_Aliabad where you have multiple insertion methods (or from the water which we hardly ever do) to rescue hostages on a boat or similar to TVT28_CS_Cartel_Office_v2.Tanoa where you've got a hostage situation and need to clear a building in an urban environment. Are you focusing on a learning aspect for the event, or more on interesting mission design to sharpen our skills at team mechanics, or just having fun shooting baddies with an organized group of individuals? Do you think you'll make use of "Zeus" stuff to make the missions more streamlined and coordinated (plus quicker to design for weekly events)?
  5. Oh missed this. Hopefully we have more unofficial ones on different advanced topics.
  6. I'm stealing all your missions. Happy Thanksgiving.
  7. Actually, I meant they don't work in the editor but it seems to load fine on the server. Just harder to check if it's a mission worth recommending for this weekend.
  8. Please ignore this message.
  9. Filled. Missions preferred: TVT71_FistfulOfSteel_V3.Altis by ThePieSpy TVT75_Mini_OP_Vanguard_Part_3_V1.Altis by SgtDeadly TVT77_Checkpoint_Tzar_V2.vt5 by ??????
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