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  1. Well, sorry to hear that. Welcome to UO!
  2. Welcome back, have a lot of fun.
  3. I wasn't truly warned twenty times, I was giving a comparison on how it felt that way because the whole conversation turned towards that topic. The attempt to rhyme words was intentional and I did it with the intent to make others laugh. I didn't disrupt any other conversations because the whole conversation was about this topic. I apologize for doing this and it was wrong of me.
  4. I used it twice, the discussion was brought up as if I needed to be warned twenty times. I was initially confused by this ban because I said I did it twice. The best example I can give is as follows: team killing once, getting warned by the same person multiple times for the one kill, but because he warned me multiple times and I didn't do it again, I get banned. That is the scenario that pretty much happened. I was being honest with you because the Chinook sponsored politics channel changed into the Chinook sponsored warn Wade 20 times for a 2 time scenario. I was not the only one using the remark, multiple people used the remark, maybe that is why you were told this over an extended period of time. I did not continue the actions once the discussion started. I only said one thing which I repeated from another user, when I told someone that they were being niggardly towards me in the debate, which was a way to use rhyming word, but I used it truly and was serious about my point. I used it because I felt as if I was not being treated generously because I was not the only one conducting such behavior. It doesn't make it right for me to do so, I'm just trying to explain the scenario. Yes. I made real points pertaining to politics during the discussion. I impulsively used the word once, almost like when we use the word 'fucking' in a sentence, and intentionally a second time when asking why we needed to make a big deal and derail from the discussion. When I used niggardly, I was intentionally trying to annoy Darksidesix, which I do on the regular, and generally we both get a kick out of it. Its not excusable, but that was my intent at the time. I do not believe that the general behavior is acceptable in the community and in general the atitude shouldn't be used. The users in the channel weren't new, it was a barracks channel, and I did not at the time believe that speaking without thinking was going to spark a riot. In hindsight I misjudged. I feel like the discussion that happened was enough, when you entered the channel, it was already nearing the end. You came in angry because you had to deal with shit that you shouldn't have to. From my perspective, you didn't have to be bothered, as there was already a regular there that could of banned me or taken care of the situation, I believe that the derailing of the initial conversation was unnecessary, and it should have been a simple 'don't say it again 2 minute warning. I don't believe that Donors or Regulars should be exempted from rules, I support the charter as it is written, and have no intent on changing the rules at this time. Minors should not be exempted. You should not allow guests to act in this manner. People that have played in the past should not act in this manner. I misjudged the situation by being too comfortable with the people I was having a discussion with. I apologize for my actions, I did not intent to offend anyone in any way, it was unintentional racism, and it was taken harshly. My actions are not excusable, I can only ask for the forgiveness of my actions and would hope to move from this. I want to apologize to all of those that had to be part of this, and had to step in.
  5. I utilized the word twice, the whole conversation went towards the argument for about ten minutes before I9 entered. There was humor in the conversation between all parties. When I9 entered, he warned me to not say it or he would ban me. I said okay. He then asked me how many times I had been warned, I said twenty, he then said he would see me in a month. The only defense that was being had about speaking in such a manner was all humorous and the whole ban from my perspective was way way way overblown. I apologize for utilizing the word. It was irresponsible of me and I used the word impulsively. I did not intent to offend anyone and was not aware that it had became that huge of an issue. I will avoid using the word in the future.
  6. I have Track IR 5, my track clip pro broke like 3 times, they replaced it for free all 3 times. My only issue with Track IR is that some of the positions I look at, my device loses the IR and it goes crazy.
  7. Isn't UO active every Saturday anyways?
  8. Welcome to UO! If you need any assistance, let us homies know.
  9. I completely agree with Dylan, the idea that the game play will somehow get better with the same people over and over again has solved nothing. This isn't a new scenario, this has been an always existing scenario every since the downfall of Arma 2. I will tell you now that it is not a coincidence that the golden days of UO is when the community was growing with new people. Things happen when the community grows. A simple fact to this is that naturally we will have more things happen like training courses when we have more people joining. Why host courses that Pax and Reddish will take again and again as a refresher (humor). One thing that we need is essential, new members. The more people we have joining, the more courses we will have. Newer people bring a new taste to the community, which I'm sure all of us will enjoy. I strongly believe that the growth of a community, plays a key role in solving issues and creating a more entertaining and overall a better environment. I strongly believe we should be taking advantage of the resources that have been given to many groups to recruit, a perfect example is reddits r/findaunit. I know the idea may seem out there, but it seems we want more leader courses, I can tell you now, I will not take the course, nor will older members. Newer members will, we will be better off as a constant growing community.
  10. It seems the 148 is broken, can't change the setting like speaker, and after turning it off and on, I can't transmit.
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