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  1. Confirmed with Gkenny that there was more going on here. Mission broken until I figure out how to better sort out Arma 3 AI priorities for defensive missions of this kind.
  2. Thanks! To be clear, were the reinforcements alerted beforehand? As stated in the brief, enemy probes will alert them and they will attack from the indicated direction if BLUFOR is spotted (and they will arrive before the main convoy). This is intentional (but not something we are used to and if it just doesn't work as a mission concept I'll avoid it in the future). In testing on the server I was able to avoid being spotted and the convoy did arrive, but it may have had to do with just being one player and aware of this added difficulty. I could also adjust how soon the (randomized) probes are launched towards BLUFOR lines.
  3. CO10 Stalling Time v1
  4. CO31 Edge of the World v1.1
  5. I can make it every couple weeks for the immediate future - starting with Aug 20.
  6. Signed up. Availability for the shake-out session will depend on whether its on a weekend and at what time.
  7. RedCard Prior experience with CAF Section?: No Leadership position?: No -=CANCELLED=-
  8. CO40 Hell Beneath v1.0
  9. CO62 Yours is Mine v1.0
  10. Signed up, good to go assuming the internet at the new place is functional (I'll be sure to verfiy that before the event).
  11. Active on the server, good presence in the community, always a pleasure to see him online. Got get 'em Slider.
  12. CO36 Nil Collywobbles v1.0
  13. CO28 Take the Field v1.0
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