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  1. As long as you make me a super special developer delegate
  2. CO53 Ahmad Assault V2
  3. Yes. Always promoting doctrine based gameplay and, given military experience and training, I'm excited to see what you contribute to the office and how you evolve it over time.
  4. I did test it and never experienced what happened during this play.... I'm aware of the issues and will be updating. No need to be condescending if you're entirely unaware of the testing that DID happen.
  5. CO34_Star_Light_V2
  6. Consistently contributes in a positive manner to the community. Yes
  7. CO31_Operation_Storm_Pt1_V1
  8. ' Alright, wasn't aware this was already out there. Can myself (https://github.com/callensm) and those who posted above be added to the organization?
  9. In an effort to better connection the scripters and developers at UO and make code for mission, addon, etc. editing more accessible for others, I will be starting an organization on GitHub for those interested in contributing. If this applies to you and want to be added to the organization when it is created, just post below with you GitHub username!
  10. CO43_Op_Sunrise_Pt1_V1
  11. CO30_High_Reward_V2
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