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  1. My only point would be that the second confusion arose, the admin (you or VPope) should have immediately jumped in to clarify. Your eventual response over global chat was something along the lines of "I think it's paused because someone said something about it being paused," which just added to the confusion. We were also requesting an admin to fix a bug that broke Blufor mortars and nobody answered. If you are going to be an admin for an event, regardless of whether or not it's something that you wanted to do or that was dumped on you, your first responsibility is to ensure that gameplay runs smoothly, even if you need to temporarily abandon whatever responsibilities you have from your assigned role. This is, however, a minor point for improving things in the future and not meant to be an attack against you. My suggestion for the future is to coordinate responsibility for any GM issues once the missions start better and if an issue does arise, immediately take control over the situation and communicate to the players what is going on. Overall the event was a success IMO despite the occasional hiccup.
  2. Mission 1 - Opfor Commander: - Everyone did exceptionally well, best possible outcome that I could have planned. - Everybody pulled their weight and carried out their role without needing to be helped. - When leaders died, squad members took over without being prompted. - Excellent communication, coordination, and initiative throughout. - Dezel + all squad leaders are MVP. Mission 2 - Opfor Tank Platoon (2) Leader: - Incredibly understaffed, five man platoon to crew three tanks. - Suppressed enemy recon in our zone. - Engaged friendly recon elements after higher stated no friendly elements in that area (failure of recon to report in). - Final engagement was very short, American armor is #1 Russian armor crumbles under the weight of freedom's sabot rounds. - Kept asking for the other tank platoon to support, they were kept in reserve apparently to prevent them from dying...but they just died afterwards. Would have been helpful to have more guns in the fight rather than picemeal our forces. Mission 3 - Blufor Fires Officer: - Engaged and destroyed fireteam-size element occupying ATGM position with indirect fire. - Slider did an excellent job with the mortar and I was able to call FFE after only one round in adjust. - Apparently the mission hadn't started even though nobody told us it hadn't. - Mortar got bugged and we lost all ammo. Overall Event Notes: - No major issues with actual missions (although apparently last mission was the wrong version), all were playable and well designed. - Missions seemed to be unbalanced to varying degrees in favor of Blufor (especially the first mission). - In the future, I would suggest only having a roster for leadership roles. Otherwise when people don't show up teams are unbalanced and forces are weirdly composed. No reason to preslot riflemen, etc. - Needed better preparation regarding admin roles and event leadership. Everything seemed very last minute, especially when deciding which regulars are responsible for which tasks. - Mission 3 was a giant clusterfuck, mainly because we were unsure what admin was in charge. The admin needs to be more decisive and communicate to the server what is going on. "I think the mission is paused cause someone said so" is not something an admin should say. We were requesting a GM to fix a bug that made the mortars unusable for over 15 minutes and nobody came. We can talk about individual people who made mistakes but in the end the responsibility is on the admins to ensure gameplay runs smoothly and they failed massively. - Other than that, had a lot of fun (besides last mission). Notes are here to be helpful and constructive, please don't get mad at me for giving feedback, I know that I have hindsight.
  3. Medic slots need to be set as medics in attributes.
  4. Low medical gear is intended. Other issues will be addressed. Could you clarify how the mission does not follow SOP?
  5. Any issues that arose during play are known. Any other comments or feedback would be appreciated. Was the mission too hard? Too easy? Was it fun? http://aar.unitedoperations.net//replay/5325F773423DB2BB7441DFD9DBA14F82
  6. CO42 Hill 312 v1
  7. Yes. If you aren't capable of altering the script you can send me a PM with the end conditions you want and I'll do it for you.
  8. Very simple end conditions with a win for all enemies killed and a lose for 50% Blufor casualties. Put this into your description.ext: class CfgDebriefing { class End1 { title = "You win"; subtitle = ""; description = "You did it"; pictureBackground = ""; }; class End2 { title = "You lose"; subtitle = ""; description = "You suck"; pictureBackground = ""; }; }; Now make endconditions.sqf and put this: while {true} do { _countAllWest = { (_x getVariable ["playerSide", side player] == west) && (isPlayer _x) } count playableUnits; _countWest = { (_x getVariable ["playerSide", side player] == west) && (alive _x) && ( (_x distance specPen) > 200) && (isPlayer _x) } count allUnits; if (_countWest < (_countAllWest * 0.50) ) then { sleep 15; player enableSimulationGlobal false; "end2" call BIS_fnc_endMission; }; if ({side _x == east && (_x distance objective) < 200} count allUnits == (0)) then { sleep 15; player enableSimulationGlobal false; "end1" call BIS_fnc_endMission; }; }; Make sure you stick a game logic called "objective" on the objective and change specPen to whatever your specpen is called. Also remember to put [] execVM "endconditions.sqf"; in the init. inb4 someone who is better at scripting than me tells me that my code is shit
  9. CO35 Rog Castle v1
  10. CO35 Hill 185 v1
  11. CO35 Tulga v1
  12. Right. My question still stands: isn't the SOP unnecessary now that a certain medical system is mandatory?
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