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  1. The whole flowchart thing is not makIng sense. Basically: New people --> assessment uotc --> play --> offense --> assessment uotc --> repeat offense --> (perm) ban --> assessment uotc The banning and monitoring offenses would be GSO and UOTC would be educating/assessing. Hence both parties need to agree with said changes. UOTC does not at this moment. Policy will fail. If you want to do something, help UOTC.
  2. http://movietrailers.apple.com/movies/disney/planes/planes-tlr1_r640s.mov?width=640&height=360 Watch for fun times. Share it with your children.
  3. Very cinematic. I came across another video on youtube. Looks like they used warthunder to me: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=36eLp9XGNjs
  4. Have fun in Brazil, Luiz! Maybe do a game in the next two days?
  5. Coming home today from a 5000 mile roadtrip through the USA and Canada. Glad to be back and refreshed.
  6. Adopt a good set of principles and build character, not personality.
  7. Bronzebeard: http://youtu.be/TZB8HRrJ0KM
  8. Yesterday I got verbal reports from a sniperteam, which Saikai was part off. Today I got verbal and in writing again: You may have not meant this, that is why I process it as unintentional harassment.
  9. Player: Kiesbye A2 PID: c378d15b442cfecc1107355681b36f43 TS3 ID: qrPhVXjxPCCQy68nlc/LFb3LwnI= Length: 60 minutes Ban nullified, do not consider when calculating escalations for any future offenses. Boon/Famine Reason: User got reported multiple times for harassment. Previous ban: http://forums.united...__fromsearch__1
  10. Glass is half full or half empty. Welcome Half. See you on the battlefield.
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