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  1. I chuckle at those of you who think shutting down UO's DayZ servers will in any way quell the waves of terrible new players flooding onto the primary server and filling it with derp.
  2. Heh, he's blatantly cheating, but in a hilarious way. You are: - Playing with 3rd person and crosshairs on. - Sniping from the hill above Electro. Very original. - Scoring 20% accuracy on a human target at ~5 meters. - Making a youtube video that takes 24 seconds to get to the content. - Actually using that "music" at the start? Sheesh
  3. With respect to RAM... you have a 2-channel processor, how do you have 6GB?
  4. Ingame Name: Osmo Preferred Slot: Any infantry Willing to Lead: Y/N Yes If Yes, at what level: FTL only Willing To Fly: Y/N N Comments: How did I not notice this event until now?
  5. Apaches are not in the game
  6. vOv oh well, no logs when people blow eachother up with apaches?
  7. Yes, people (including DayZ players) can find UO and play tactically without UO running DayZ servers. This shouldn't really be the cornerstone of any reason to keep or drop the DayZ servers. If they aren't paying for themselves and the UO community discounts them (which seem to be the case), ditch em. I do have a problem with the people who saw this thread as an opportunity to make DayZ players feel unwelcome with their combination of elitism and prejudice. What I meant by "quietly filling squads" is the same as your people who "are active, try and learn and improve themselves." When someone is doing everything right, you don't hear much from them. It's easy to go unnoticed when you don't accidentally discharge when the mission loads, broadcast your bong rips on global, or spend half the mission duckwalking.
  8. Did you ask everyone who wasn't derping if they were from DayZ or not? I think you'll find it's a lot more than 20% of DayZ players who can behave in ACE, but you only notice the bad ones. We good ones are just quietly in the background, filling your squads so that you can actually play the mission. Thanks for the blind hatred, though.
  9. FYI, for our admins, someone is shooting rockets from an attack helicopter in Cherno right now on US3. Banhammer time! (I am totally enjoying the fireworks)
  10. I saw those Artemis videos way back when. I'll bet ArmA players would be great at it, as it's all about effective communication.
  11. This was a great course, big thanks to Thawk! Very worthwhile and much more useful than the short version we got in the FTOps course.
  12. I've been craving some serious teamplay lately. I can handle myself in DayZ (150+ hours of it under my belt) and just need a group to give me some objectives as I'm roaming around with little to do. I'm willing to help new guys learn the ropes, search for some pvp targets, or just generally bullshit around. So if you see me in the teamspeak, hit me up. I know there's a group that regularly runs together in the passworded channel, any way to break into that?
  13. Err, where are you getting this from? What's limited to 8 kb/s?
  14. It might help a little bit, but I wouldn't bother. I'd just get 1 bigger SSD for simplicity's sake. Using any SSD at all takes disk speed out of the equation as a bottleneck, pretty much.
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