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  1. Thanks for the info, Force! I just learned how to effectively use them in BMS which is child's play from how you made it sound.
  2. New Update is out as of yesterday. Heavily focused on NEW Players! So, if you haven't played yet, now is the best time!
  3. I haven't been on in a little bit, but I'm about to restart my corvette grind. I've been doing rescue missions, but I'm unsure if there's anything as consistent.
  4. For anyone that doesn't have Elite:Dangerous, it's on sale for 76% off right now Ending on the 20th
  5. Created the Squadron in game. Only need to search "United Operations". Created it just in time before servers went down again.
  6. Took my new Phantom out to a space cloud. A lot creepier than it looks, as there's no light when in the center.
  7. i9 is taking a look into it. Give me Squad IDs pl0x
  8. To all Elite: Dangerous players - With the introduction of Squadrons in-game, I've created the UOED Squadron. Apply now so you can be included! *Repost from Discord*
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