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  1. Well Hello again all the great people at UO. I doubt anyone remembers me as I'm not really a noticeable fellow, but, I was about these streets many years ago between 2010 and 2014-ish... then I moved, spent some time in the place called "the outside"(sp?!?) and decided to focus on my career as a pilot.. I had been playing a lot of DCS/BMS & Squad in the past few years and mind always came back to the glorious WAC Wednesdays and killing a few hours of walking simulator with some top bantz so I decided to chcek back in. Tried to join the server a few times and kept getting disconnected with mod errors and all sorts... so gave up and went back to squad. I was watching some of Krauses BMS content and just decided to give it one more go, download everything and join in, as expected, worked 1st time, connected to the server, died 17 times and lol'd all night. By myself. Christ only know what I managed to foul up the last time I tried! Anyway, here I am, just checking in to say hello to all, good to see some old faces still about and hope to have some fun with the rest! Powell. p.s. I am still an annoying beast with an RPG!
  2. Im fine, got some nice stash of iskies and enjoy good casual PvP .. Scope fleet, best fleet...
  3. Its pretty much dead... only randoms online and 2 to 3 people doing all the FW stuff.. NPC corp best corp..
  4. I heard Erebus's are good for mining......
  5. I market trade to pay for all my stuff. If you figure it out then you can make a lot of money! Plenty for a few plex/game time a month. Market trading does require initial investment though. You cant buy shit without money! - I got my initial injection by super hardcore mining for a few weeks which got me 1 billion isk. I now have a relatively steady income of ~350-600m a week just by running my little EvE 'shop'. - I do have access to it during the day though so can tab in and out whenever I want. Give it a try for a few weeks, if you like it, sub, if not delete the game! Use the trial to get to know things, learn the ropes and get to grips. If you like it, sub up and do the grown up stuff. If you try and bust your balls earning money to pay for plex then you will get bored FAST. Once you get better at the game then money will start building up and up until your comfortable with throwing a few hundred million at a LOL ship just to die....
  6. Could have fired 3 times while he was wasting time talking shit.. but yeh.
  7. In-game Name: Powell Do you want to lead?: No Q.C.C.: Any slot
  8. Wish I could vote no... why? I wish to be recognised as one of the few people who can be arsed to go and learn how to march in formation properly, shoot in the general direction of the enemy without blowing my face off staring down the barrel of my weapon... Too many people in UO will not entrust anyone with "mission critical" assets because they automatically believe people to be retards.... at least with the tag system, I can, when asked, reply that I have indeed attended a class, intending to teach me how to use the asset properly. In no way has having any of my tags made me feel superior to anyone else on the server but it has made me feel a lot more confident about my game play. Please don't remove the tags unless there is a good substitution.
  9. Really wish this guy was a regular 6 months ago, might have made me play more. GL Scope, bringing reality back to UO
  10. Yes Jackson, I think I will start spamming some forums with this advert but just replace the corp name... need to start thinking of a good story for when we have 100 Russians sitting there wondering what they're doing with a bunch of tea tooting Brits and gun swinging western Yanks, oh yeah, and Deathstrike the Welshman
  11. Hello to all! So today I went out roaming with some of our Russian neighbours, mainly guys from [KITAY] corp, and they have extended the invitation out to all the corp and our friends. After speaking to them for a bit, their aim is to try and get a fairly large -no bigger than cruiser- type fleet, situation dependant. The FC has a good competant level of English speaking and is easy to understand incase people were worried about. (I find this out after we came back ((died) and he starts talking to me in English lolol) - Dont laugh, we got jumped by a Legion, Loki, Falcon and Stabber Fleet issue...= perma-jammed while scrammed and webbed from about 4,938,374 km. There is a in-game chat channel and I have all the TS details if anyone wants them After re-reading this I realise how much it sounds like I'm a recruiter for them.. O.o so here goes.... Who wants to ditch this Boon wierdo, leave him in a gutter by himself, and lets go join the crazy Russians where we just guess at what they say????? - Seems legit..
  12. Endy, I have no intentions in starting a flame war with you or in fact with anyone, it detracts me from more interesting and productive activities. I was merely trying to make a point that the thread was a sign up thread and not a "best ship for the task" thread. I will no longer be commenting on this thread as it has digressed too far from OP intentions. Fly safe o7
  13. Since 2010 thanks. And read the edit I made before blowing your shirt off and flexing your internet muscles...
  14. Talos is not T3 .... These are the sort of things I have issues with. Not advice but BAD advice. Edit: * My bad, mixed Tier and Tech up * - but still, not blown out of proportion, its useless comments being made on a sign up thread..
  15. Regardless to what it is, it was a sign up thread, not an advice thread or anything else. If your not coming or involved please dont spew your garbage here.
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