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  1. Hello, I haven't played in almost two years. I can't see any active servers on the server list on the right side of the banner. Are games still arranged? Regards, Omena
  2. Thank you, I'll be sure to look at all these settings!
  3. Or when is the next Familiarization Course?
  4. Hello, I haven't played in over 6 months (it was still Arma 2 -era when I was here last time) and I've been yearning for some milsim for quite some time now so I updated my SIX with the Arma 3 mods. I'm going to be playing the Arma 3 tutorials for now to get the hang of the game, but if there is a list of common hotkeys I need to know for when I join the primary server, that would be great! Things like, opening a radio, setting down bipod, interacting with myself and others, etc. Thanks, Omena
  5. I got the first batch of PS4s in Finland. I am going to buy MGS V: Ground Zeroes tomorrow and I'm waiting for the sequel (MGS V: Phantom Pain) later this year. I don't play consoles much though. MGS is one of the few game series that make me want to play PS4.
  6. I'll be there for this weekend
  7. USMC is training in Finland right now, they came here to get urban and arctic warfare training and are staying for 3 weeks. Here's a video where they speak English so you can understand. They're in Santahamina right now, where I went to same training rooms where I was just last year!
  8. You'll love it. It brings my army days to mind. Walking to objective for 30 minutes only to be told on the radio that another squad already took care of it. Then it's onto new adventures!
  9. I wonder if we have enough people on the European server to pull this off aswell?
  10. Yeah, it was like 1-2 $/€ per gigabyte. Thank god science for technological development!
  11. I double-click on the DayZ shortcut on my desktop to start playing and it prompts me with an installation window. Somehow it has uninstalled itself overnight. I am baffled, hah! EDIT: A 13-minute download & installation and I am back ingame!
  12. Sad to see great minds pass away. Greatest weapon ever. I'm a proud wielder of the Finnish variant RK 95 TP.
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