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  1. IGN:ClintUk I have attended FTP 1 and understand the prerequisites. Dates available: 22 jan 14, 1900z
  2. Name: ClintUK Course: Fireteam Practical 1 Date: Dec 11th, 2000z Instructor: Enex I really enjoyed this course, makes me realise why I play ArmA. First of all it was very well lead and taught, the instructor and assistants were all top notch. It was pitched at the right level for most people to be able to pick it up, the pre-reading material was excellent if I was unsure about anything. I felt that the facilitative nature of the course was it's strongest point, it wasn't 3 - 4 mins into the course before we were being asked questions, and a further 5 mins and we were dishing out orders as FTL, then we didn't stop until the end of the course. In this environment I agree that people learn most, and gain the most enjoyment, by doing instead of sitting and listening to there PC for an hour or so. I also felt that the course was good because the people that attended it were all like minded, that is they wanted to learn techniques and procedures to become more effective in a team. They weren't interested in running off and getting shot or not listening, thinking they know better. Everybody did there job and did as asked, even when I did get something wrong. Will definitely try to attend again before the 2nd course comes along. ClintUK
  3. +1, great fun, loads learnt. Thanks to Enex and Furie for running it and my fellow fire team members, Lord Yod, Bode, and Valasan, cheers guys. Would recommend this course to everyone who is serious about this. Clint
  4. I'd love to be in for tonight if there is still space. ClintUK Reading and digesting the material now.
  5. IGN/TS: ClintUK If a slot becomes available could I sign up please. Clint
  6. ClintUK


    Didn't know this. Throw it on the ground so somebody could actually use it rather then point at bushes with it.
  7. ClintUK


    Honestly, not really. I've done the Famil course and had some very good evening's on the server, but these were about 6 - 9 months ago. I think a combination of skill fade and not knowing who the hell wanted me where didn't really help my cause. Apart from not packing the damn things, no.
  8. Guys, I just wanted to apologise for being as much use as a chocolate fire guard tonight (30th Jan @ 19:45Z) and for accidentally throwing grenades in/around the squad. I have apologised on the server and TS but wasn't sure who would see them so did it again. If I fucked up the mission or killed anyone I'm sorry and I accept any punishment people see necessary. Although being told to put my weapon down is pretty shit too. Hopefully I'll have better night some other time, Clint
  9. Yeap, just finished the course and would like to thank all the instructors for everything, after just short of 4 hours we knocked it on the head due to sever issues, but you guys didn't have to stick around for that long for us. Thanks, Clint
  10. I think I have everything configured correctly, so baring something major, I shall be attending this course. Clint
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