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  1. Sorry for late message, something has turned up, and I don't belive that I will be able to attend to much of these sessions now... Sorry!
  2. I can take any faction really, preferably a minor faction though!
  3. I love this game, but I can't get it to work anymore. It just won't install
  4. Congratulations! o7 Glad to have had you here. Even though I did not interact with you much, I still remember how good of a tank commander you were.
  5. All rise the empire of switzerland!!!
  6. I might be up for it, depending on time and all.
  7. You see, that is what happens when a organisiation such as the EU, wants to be a super power. Politics around a the globe is always contradictions. Just look at the USA, they are crying about Russia invading a sovereing nation. Sit down and have a silent minute for all those nations invaded by the US, then continue read. The same goes for Russia though, they always cry when the US is invading a sovereing nation for no real reason, except for the one they made along the way which can cleary be seen as a bullshit reason and a bullshit claim. However, then we see Russia invading Ukraine USA style. Except for the bombing of schools and population centers I guess... Sweden have, or atleast had one policy. NEUTRALITY, it means that we don't give a damn about what Russia do, neither do we give a damn of what the US do. We sit here on our frozen wasteland and focus our money on the Swedish people. I think other nations should do the same... And please, don't lie about what you are doing. Anyone can see through the lies of both sides, so if you decide to invade someone, don't say because of nukes or because of protection of people. Tell us that it is for your personal gain so that you can get your god forsaken oil or land, so you don't have to look like a retard when everyone indicates that all those reasons you gave for invasion, is pretty much invalid. Just my two cents.
  8. That's not interesting. That's just sad, really, really sad.
  9. Finally I got a excuse to make a tyrannical free communist state. Onwards workers, crush the imperialists for work and liberty!
  10. Donetsk declares independence from Ukraine and requests Russian peacekeeping forces. http://rt.com/news/donetsk-republic-protestukraine-841/
  11. Sign Up: Appe96 Date and Time: 03 Apr 2100Z I have attended FTP2 as a participant and I reviewed and understand the prerequistes.
  12. Shame that they were one day early with their april fools.
  13. I'd like to see adrenaline to be implented somehow. Like eventhough you are tired, you just won't be like "NOPE I will not run another step because I got 1 too much mag in my bag..."
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