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  1. Continuing previous comment, other issues: * The new feature allowing you to edit an aircraft's weapons loadout has locality issues, it seems only the last person to pilot is able to edit it without issues. * Regarding the same feature as above, it seems that as you go on editing the loadout, old entries are not cleared from the weapons list, eventually leading to a huge list of weapons that show 0 ammunition, and you have to press 'F' a lot of times to get to the weapon you want. * Also regarding the above feature, the list of weapons you can load into the pylons of aircraft is not restricted at all, in a way that for example you are able to load anything into the pylons of a little bird, including AMRAAMs, 4x2000 pound bombs, russian weaponry, etc.
  2. Some bugs I found: * If you go around completing the side mission by blowing up the sky bunkers the officers are at, after a while an issue develops where the side mission is completed as soon as it's spawned in, resulting in a new vehicle every 15 seconds. This leads to mild hilarity and server crash eventually.
  3. Missing range cards for blufor IAR marksman at least.
  4. Sure,I'll take a look. Thanks for reporting that.
  5. Alright, new version updated with those fixes. Thanks for reporting!
  6. Thanks for reporting, I'll try to fix that. I also talked to Gkenny, and he pointed out the night vision update made this too hard. I might look into making this night less dark, with clear skies and full moon. Any other problems or suggestions? Dougalachi reported you might have had trouble loading the boats into the chinook and that made you decide to use the C-130 instead. Is that true?
  7. I don't really wish to be involved in this silliness, but as my name has been involved, for what is worth, leon was not really speaking portuguese. I couldn't understand most of it, but romanian language has a lot in common with portuguese, and I could understand most of the slur words he used. These included "s*ck my d*ck", "pussy", and others I didn't really care enough to remember. I am not sure though they were directed at korrupt. Wasn't paying attention to their exchange, I just caught attention on the romanian words because they stood out. I thought at the time he was just being annoying and saying random slurs. On the thread about kevin's ban, I mentioned him, but not by name, as the CO in the game in question. He was going around in the main ao with a lee enfield, speaking in a texan accent, saying that he was, I quote, "sheriff dick macballs". I have to admit though that I laughed a bit at that too, and otherwise he was really putting some effort into leading the thing, so I did not complain on that.
  8. I think singling him out for this one is not fair. It was a late night domi with few players, and there was way too much derping from other people, much so from the CO. No one was taking the mission too seriously due to several mishaps, and even the CO was doing all sorts of crazy shit, like going on the streets with a lee enfield shooting bad guys and talking like a B-movie old west cowboy. I don't think any of the few guys playing at the time was bothered by this.
  9. Ingame Name: Inigo Montoya Preferred Slot: Marksman Willing to Lead: Y If Yes, at what level: FT Willing To Fly: N Comments: Any infantry position would be fine, except AR/LMG
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