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  1. If the enemy has been in Bergen for a longer time, i would expect more fortifications. Chronic lack of medkits. HMMWV against BTR-70? Please replace them with UAZs.
  2. The new clouds are quite bad but the stability is lot better now. A few shots from my collection: http://imgur.com/a/QHgYs
  3. Write a longer briefing with more information.
  4. Please expand the briefing with more information, especially enemy situation.
  5. Doing a 100% Monaco race in rain and every car finishes without a scratch + the SC almost never comes in. To me the Assetto Corsa looks less realistic with all that bloom and orange filter. In a race without driving assists the gamepad is at a great disadvantage.
  6. If they fixed the game i might pick it up. The classic mode sounds fun.
  7. At least it made me laugh when I managed to jump the sport hatchback at 320kmh then fly for half a kilometer in the air.
  8. I disagree with this addition. Fata: +good microterrain +new buildings +some interesting areas -fps hit -it's admittedly a TVT map as the AI has problems on this island -some wierd, illogical arrangement of objects, buildings and terrain features -very big filesize -it doesn't add that much new, we already have a few similiar things on Clafghan (-desert) I think the negative aspects outweigh the positive ones and the size is not justified by the new things. If Clafghan was removed, this could be a valid addition. I haven't seen Caribou as it's still not released but as I have looked at the screenshots I must say that it's more subtropical than Spritz which was intended to be an Aegean island, however it still looks very interesting. I have to admit, I would favor other islands over this two.
  9. SHK Pos it is. Reference my first post. { if ((side _x) == west) then { _p = "ao" call SHK_pos; _x setpos _p; }; } foreach allunits; this code will move every blufor to random locations withing the ao marker
  10. http://www.armaholic.com/page.php?id=13783 I'm working on something similiar, this is the script I use. Edit: Upsmon uses a randomized patrol scipt iirc.
  11. Goosko

    RTB End Script

    if (({((_x distance base) < 1000) && ((side _x) == west)} count allUnits) == count allUnits) then { [-2, {endMission "END1";}] call CBA_fnc_globalExecute; }; Put this in a 60 second loop after a 20-30 minute sleep. Or you could turn it around and check if the AO is empty.
  12. Buildings, if possible with post-communist decaying panel buildings, factories, power plants, with several rooms and obstacles like in the Stalker series. Small-size winter camo for russian infantry and BMP-2, US Army, scheetarn for the bw units perhaps.
  13. Sorry Tin, I spoke generally in my second paragraph. The way I see it, this is exactly a reform the GM program needs, expertizing (improving) an already established system we have in order to solve issues. Could we do it without the new office? Yes, but this effort is to spearhead all others, this is here to help us, to make things easier to improve. This is good for United Operations. GMOs are experts of game moderation, handling of the server and Arma related bans. This sixth point of 5.3.6 fits perfectly into the picture. Then let's try the compromise. Change the wording so that it will make it clear that the officers don't lose their present powers other than the GM appointment.
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