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  1. I'm living on like less then 3 hours of sleep but I will be there.
  2. I love when people make assumptions just because of my seriousness, have fun with that. Thanks I guess.
  3. I've been on here for like 2 days now and played a bit of game-play, so I thought I would introduce my self to this community. Basically.... I go by the name 90-9-9ER a.k.a. Ninety for short. I'm 19 and I also live in Canada, Alberta. Even knowing I don't have my pilots licenses yet and I plan on doing so sometime in the future, I feel that I have a keen and advanced knowledge in flight that carries over from FSX, msFlight, Arma, and research in the field. I also have a hobby of being a (whack) poetic rapper, but other then that my life is boring. I've been playing Arma II for around a year and a half now and recently on UO. I believe I know a lot about squad based, bling, etc even knowing I have this uncanny ability to use my own terminology. After explaining my life story that now one cares about I would like to say, I enjoyed my time with this community, hope to learn more, and maybe become a instructor one day because I like to help people out.
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