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  1. Really nice tool Verox, definitely takes some annoyances away from the admin. Out of curiosity is this getting the FPS from the in-game command or via some DirectX extension?
  2. Technically, zsync (the mechanism we use for downloading data) can handle compression on the server side without having to save a local copy of the compressed data for delta comparisons (it's called look-inside). This means you wouldn't have the gigantic and largely unnecessary .rsync folder in your mods directory. More information on that here: http://zsync.moria.org.uk/paper/ch03s02.html (there's a few pages on the topic). I think Sickboy just moved on to the new .synq mod structure before he thought about implementing this, so I wouldn't put too much hope on him going back and updating the old mechanism. That being said, with enough momentum behind it (I'm not sure how many other communities rely on the PWS repo-style system though), I'm sure it wouldn't take too much time to get a patch out for it. Posted an idea here: https://getsatisfaction.com/withsix/topics/on-the-fly-delta-transfer-decompression-for-zsync-and-rsync
  3. i5-4690k/i7-4790k (they were both just released so you may have to wait for them to reach stores, but the 4790k is probably the safer buy since it is obviously the best silicon coming from Intel currently as it's clocked at 4.0 GHz, and both include new TIM to make temps much cooler then the 4670/4770, it'll be very noticeable). 8 GB RAM one DIMM, expandable to 32 GB later if you want to. I'd do a more pay as you need it approach, since RAM is very expensive now due to shortages. HDD/SSD is up to you, should be chosen last to stay in budget. Recommend non-intellipower WD drives for HDD, so WD Blue 7200 RPM is decent, black is better but a tad over-priced. SSD's may not last more than 5 years reliably, so 120-256 GB has been a good number for me. Cannot go wrong with GTX 770/780, depends on personal preference for frame rates to cost. 780 per performance unit is slightly more costly than the 770 though, so you'll get less bang for your buck, but that's expected. Many people greatly over-estimate their power supply needs, you'll never need 1000+ watts with a standard setup. Most high-end PCs only used about 300-400 watts at full load, but SLI/CF can greatly increase that to about 700-800 watts. Motherboards don't really matter unless you're planning to overclock, so again that's up to personal preference. And I won't join in on the Windows 8 debate
  4. It's mostly meant for use on dedicated servers with many players, so AI can be spread out and not hog performance as they normally would. Also, does anyone have any questions, comments, or concerns on the ALiVE mod in general? Suggestions for new areas of the mod are also welcome.
  5. I developed an extension a little while back which fully integrated Lua into Arma, but I abandoned it due to the dependency hell I was in. And BTW, as Best2nd has stated, the skills are way too low. In the editor, the lowest skill you can set it 0.2 for playability reasons (highest is 1), so keep it above that at least.
  6. The 4930k isn't necessary unless you plan on having many GPUs, keeping the processor in your main PC for many years (5+), or doing anything non-gaming related with the PC. Otherwise stick with a quad-core, which will yield identical performance under the same clocks in most modern games. 32GB of RAM is nice for Windows caching and such, but isn't worth the current price. Unless you plan on rending a lot of videos, switch down to 2 sticks of 8 GB for 16 GB, expandable to 32 GB later if you want. Going SLI is only good for two things; getting the best price-to-performance ratio and achieving performance you otherwise wouldn't be able to get on one card. SLI introduces compatibility issues, asynchronous frame-pacing, and a multitude of other issues which you wouldn't have to deal with when getting a single card. It's gotten a lot better, but stick with the single card when you can or when purchasing a new system. SLI is exceptional for upgrading a current system though, since the price is unbeatable. I really don't understand people who want it all now instead of waiting though. My recommendation would be to get 1 GTX 780, 16 GB of RAM, and upgrade later if you want. No need to pay for it all now. Don't overpay for the motherboard either, it's not necessary. I can tell you from experience. Get a solid, dependable board with the features you want without any gimmicky software or "overclocker-specific" upgrades. Those are for the people who want to waste money for the bragging rights (as I once did). The ASUS Sabertooth series is probably one of the best out there, but if it's close to the price of the Rampage series, get the latter. Also, only get enough power for what you need. Don't pay for 1000+ watts unless you're absolutely sure that you'll need it. And what else are you planning to use the computer for?
  7. Dylan (which btw is my name so this may be a bit awkward for me), I noticed that all of your disagreements with the BTE are in future-tense. You cite issues of "alienating new members, ineffective enforcement, lower server numbers, not being able to train the amount you'll get," but can any of these effects even be proven or accurately predicted? At this point it's nothing but your guesses and forecasts for the argument against BTE, and nothing of actual substance which can be backed up by facts or figures. So would you not be opposed to implementing BTE in a two-month-long trial long to evaluate the severity of the effects of which you continue to list in magnitude? And I believe that your other argument is completely null, in which you state: Opinions work well in the absence of fact, but when it comes to a metric such as the number of regulars on the server at a given time, I can't even fathom to understand how this opinion should even be weighed in this discussion. Maybe the regular count will go down, maybe it will go up, but one cannot base an argument on his or her opinion of a easily measurable metric. Do a trial, conduct a survey, perform some basic analytics on the regular count when the server has a high standard of play, but don't attempt to pass off this opinion as a reasonable argument. Any person with common sense can realize that this statement can't be backed up in any way. Also know that I'm not trying to gang-up on you as other regulars are, so if you wish, we may discuss the possibility of a trial-run of the BTE via a different channel of communication, as you seem to be the most vocal opponent of the program.
  8. I fully support the currently proposed implementation of B2E, even without the 2-module approach to remove the "conscious trolls". It's been in my experience that those who we want to play are those who are mentally mature. And, mentally immature people tend to be incredibly afraid of personal interactions with authoritarian figures. Having an authoritative introduction course which may intimidate and weed-out the lesser mature and/or dumb players is about all we need to greatly increase the standard of play. Any other additions will also increase this standard, but not as dramatically.
  9. AMD CPUs currently are majorly under-performing in gaming scenarios due to their application - they're designed for high-SMP-based loads, which unfortunately are not games. I'd aim for a slightly pricier Intel i5, preferably Haswell, but Ivy Bridge is also fairly new. The i5-4670(k) is currently the sweetspot right now. But if you want to stay in budget by getting an i3, the AMD FX 8XXX processors are directly comparable to Intel i3 processors for tasks like gaming, so stick with AMD in that case. If you don't believe me, scroll down to the bottom of this review of the AMD FX 8350 (which is slightly better than your current choice), and in Arma it's comparable to a lowly Intel i3 processor. Currently AMD GPUs are in extremely high demand due to GPU mining and such, and since their supply hasn't dramatically increased, expect to pay some premiums over comparable Nvidia counterparts for some of their higher-end cards. If the AMD card you want is over MSRP, then it probably is inflated due to demand. Otherwise it's a good buy.
  10. I'm a proponent of this, but we should extend the trial phase to at least two to three months.
  11. The Silverstone Heligon HE-01 (priced at $92) actually only performs 1-3 degrees Celsius cooler than the CM Hyper 212 Evo (priced at $30), with the only except under a max load during a substantial overclock. So you're paying 200% more for a product which cools 4% better on average, and even with the possibly better build quality/packaging/installation included, it's not worth it. Source: http://www.techpowerup.com/reviews/Silverstone/Heligon_HE01/6.html
  12. If you were dropping the i7 to an i5 and wanted to keep the same budget, yes the GTX 770 is better and it would be worth it. But if you want to decrease the overall price, you can stay at a GTX 760 and still expect phenomenal performance. I'm still on an AMD 6870 from 2010 and I get 30-40 FPS in Arma 2 & Arma 3 on fairly high settings, you just need to know what settings to configure.
  13. Drop the i7 down to an i5 and get a GTX770. I can tell you from experience with an i7 that the incredibly modest performance gains (And often performance drops) with hyperthreading isn't worth the price, and actually I've had mine disabled for a while now. Even in video encoding it doesn't help too much. An overclocked i5 will beat out an i7 hyperthreaded easily, so I'd recommend going that route. Unless you're just getting it for the bragging factor or over compensation for a slow previous CPU as I did, both of which are stupid ideas. Btw I OC my i7 3770k to 4.6GHz and it's running like a dream, since it's under water I probably have enough headroom for another 0.4GHz at max.
  14. It's not horrible, I mean we definitely have worse systems in play in our modpack, but it's also fairly hard to extend due to the way they implemented the positioning system. It's rather specific to their RHS addons. Don't expect to get this ported to any other vehicles without some serious editing. Also, as others have pointed out, the ShackTac littlebird enhancement mod was removed since it dramatically reduced AI rotation speed when on the server, so by the time they were looking at you it was way to late for them to react.
  15. Dual channel memory is a MB/NB specification and really doesn't have much to do with the CPU. The number of channels dictate the bandwidth of the RAM - for example, a dual channel setup may support 4 sticks of RAM, but those four sticks will have the same available bandwidth as would just 2 sticks of RAM, so theoretically it's comparatively slower bandwidth per byte with 4 vs 2 sticks with dual channel memory, but you won't really notice the difference. With just one stick you'd only utilize one channel, or half of the supported bandwidth. So as a real example, you can have 1x 4GB (4GB) stick operating at 10 GB/s, 2x 4GB (8GB) sticks operating at 20 GB/s, or 4x 4GB (16GB) sticks operating at the same 20 GB/s. That's all, it doesn't limit CPU cores or anything. GTX 770 has a faster processor than the GTX 760, so obviously it's going to be a bit faster. The quality per card again depends on the game - it's simply a matter of getting what you pay for. That's up to you and your gaming preferences. Look up comparative frame rates for a good indicator of price/speed ratio. And more VRAM won't increase your frames one bit (unless they're faster), all it will do is allow for more textures/calculations to be stored, which would only affect games which have incredibly large textures (not likely and can be configured, so it's not too much of an issue) or if you're running a multi-monitor setup, since each monitor eats up much more VRAM than just one. AA wouldn't be affected by increased VRAM, or if so, marginally at best and wouldn't justify the cost.
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