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  1. Thank you both very much! I have watched the familiarization course so maybe I'll just give it a go
  2. Hello everyone. My name is Johan and I am very excited to be joining your community. I recently discovered Arma II through the DayZ mod, and In my process of trying to learn more about the game engine i found out that I enjoy the original game much more than Dayz. There are so many other war-games out there I don't think I would've discovered this game otherwise. I enjoy the realism. I enjoy role-playing a soldier (don't worry I won't be screaming into my mic when I get shot or excited). The thing I enjoy the most though is teamwork and dedication - something I hope to find here. It's hard to find people on the internet who takes anything seriously, yet alone actually work together. I am really impressed by the way UO operates. I found one of your training videos through youtube trying to learn more about Arma II, and I find it admirable that some of you spend so long educating others. I'll be taking advantage of that, as soon as another familiarity(?) course is scheduled In the mean time I'll just be watching your vidoes. I'll be see y'all on the battlefield. Sincerely, Carpato.
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