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  1. Can't wait, when will the repo for this be ready?
  2. A Four Year Proud Veteran on UO. love playing in this community, it has taught me a lot! Will try'n make it to the event
  3. Today I was reminiscing of the ArmA 2 days and JSRS, and thought let me download the ArmA 3 version of it and just give it a go, only to find out that no so long ago Jarhead did an update which apparantly fixes multiplayer issue too http://www.armaholic.com/page.php?id=27827 Features: The mod adds over a few thousand new sounds to the game, most ingame sounds are exchanged by these. The mod adds new distance effects to the original DragonFyre2.5 sound framework, new distance explosions and many other features back from the old (heavy scripted) version. All the cool features that could no make it because a certain type or script was needed, which also destroyed the playability for multiplayer, this new Version, called EDEN (because of the Eden Update for ArmA3) can deal with all that. Plus it stays script free. No CBA required and it works a 100% in multiplayer. Currently downloading it and will test it then give an assessment of what I think, but already I think UO should implement this back into the UO mod-pack if it works and all. Here's the download page in the website. http://www.jsrs-studios.com/index.php/downloads
  4. https://www.facebook.com/leaveeuofficial/videos/902732963158279/
  5. welcome, I started when I was 17, now 20, and able to implement all military aspects in real life, trust me I tried it.
  6. Filled! Cortana should remind me on the day of the event
  7. Wondering what lexoman parastin means in my channel, and what SF units we have down here, well watch this video and know more about something that you won't hear about everyday. http://www.washingtoninstitute.org/policy-analysis/view/the-iraqi-kurdish-battle-against-isis-reports-from-the-front
  8. Name: Draey Availability: Sunday: Earliest: 1700Z Latest: 1900Z Monday: Earliest: 1700Z Latest: 1900Z Tuesday: Earliest: 1700Z Latest: 1900Z Wednesday: Earliest: 1700Z Latest: 1900Z Thursday: Earliest: 1700Z Latest: 2000Z Friday: Earliest: 1500Z Latest: 2000Z Saturday: Earliest: 1600Z Latest: 1900Z Do you understand the above instructor requirements? Yes
  9. wrecking the entire enemy team single handily... except the one dude in the end..
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