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  1. We'll be the lurking Waldorf and Statlers UO never knew it needed Luiz. John
  2. ...or here even... http://store.lnlpublishing.com/digital-games/command-ops-2-core-engine John
  3. Unfortunately due to events beyond my control, I'll have to withdraw from the event Saturday as I can't guarantee getting to it on time. If OK, could I be placed on the bench please, coach? John ex. 3st Squad
  4. I'm with London ambulance (NHS) and the course is an in-house foundation degree with state registration at the end. John
  5. I am currently on my paramedic course, so will get back to you in about 3 months (hopefully). It will be interesting to see the differences/similarities between a civi & forces bag. John
  6. Lol, love Quill18's official review, "Buy this fucking game". Managed to have a quick couple of plays with CS, and it is very, very good. It has that crack-like addictive quality that I haven't seen since Populous. My only problem is keeping starting again, just because I see where improvements can be made. Also Quill's top 7 mods seem very good additions as well. John
  7. So disappointed, should have done this days ago. Bloody Putin, ruining my fun. John
  8. With Pres. Putin being MIA for 10 days now, missing some high-level meetings and on the day he's due to have a public meeting the Northern Fleet is put on alert for "exercises", I thought the UO hive-mind might have some ideas as to where the lovable rogue Putin has disappeared to... My best guess? His latest round of plastic surgery has gone horribly wrong, his biceps have gained sentience and have left to join a Belarussian circus. John
  9. Looks like the Alpha is now closed, which is a shame. PURCHASES ARE TEMPORARILY CLOSED We have got enough data and enough early alpha testers to work on the current early state of combat features. We also do not have enough human resources to provide the excellent level of support if player numbers increase further. During this quiet period we will increase the number of moderators and community volunteers and add several important new features to the game. Sales of the game will re-open in the near future. Please register at our forums at or follow us on Facebook for future announcements. John
  10. The music has been phenomenal and I'm thoroughly enjoying the story & game so, yeah, bring it on. John
  11. Never played the original and have had a play around in the remastered edition. Just completed Mission 2 of HM1 and am thoroughly enjoying it. Of course I can't compare it to playing it originally, so am simply enjoying for what it is. As far as I'm aware multiplayer is still in beta, and not yet fully ready. John
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