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    Guitar, having a laugh, tactical games.
  1. I'll be there. First announced Welshman maybe.
  2. Thanks a lot everyone, I'm gonna take a look at those videos now. I was in the main server yesterday, I did a lot of walking, someone gave me a quadbike ride and I "fell" out of a helicopter (haha it sounds like a top gear intro). I was mostly clueless in what I was doing though, I'm really only familiar with basic arma 2 controls heh.
  3. Marshy here calling in for duty. I've almost set up everything, teamspeak, six, arma 2. I can't wait to play with you guys. Just a few questions: On teamspeak what key to you recommend to setup for push to talk? Once I'm setup can I just join an active server and wait for further orders? Finally are players allowed to use the training servers to familiarize themselves with everything? Laters.
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