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  1. Don't play much anymore but I'm trying to change that. My voice changed a little.
  2. Haven't uploaded a video in a while, and this one's from a while ago, during the Iron Front event. Kinda upset it took me so long to remember since this was pretty awesome (awesome enough for me to fish it off my hard drive, and actually do something ArmA/Youtube related for the first time in months). Anyway, here's the video.
  3. Gone for months and this is the first thing you say when you get back? Respect. Anyway, like other people said, there's a reason people don't like playing anymore. There's a reason its not fun anymore. It's to much of a hassle to play on the primary. People who, for the most part, know what they are doing, cant put up with people who have absolutely no clue what they are doing. All this does is create frustration.
  4. If you cant see the similarities between whatever the fuck this thing is and the Hitler Youth, I dont know what to tell you. And this isnt one of those "all junior military programs are similar to the Hitler Youth", this seems much more extreme.
  5. Yeah, because the people in the cadet organization should be wanting to learn a language simply because their head of state speaks it. This seems a lot more extreme then something like JROTC. Thats why I compared it to the Hitler Youth.
  6. Man..this seems familiar for some reason.
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