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  1. Derping? Yes. Mocking? Not a chance.
  2. +1 internets to you! By the way, most of this Jubilee concert has been wank. Half the acts can't even sing in tune!
  3. Power? Please explain? It's toilet paper power, she hasn't used it because she can't. It's as good as not having any! I do agree though, clearly she brings some money through tourism. This is true. It's nice to see lots of GB and England flags up around my area. Although I'm not sure about the tacky Jubilee posters up in people's windows!
  4. Indeed, the only good thing about the queen is getting bank holidays off. I can't believe we're paying to celebrate some old lady sitting on her arse and doing nothing for however-many years!
  5. Are you interested in attending the platoon operations course: Yes Are you interested in taking a leadership position: Yes, FTL only at present. Timezone: ZULU +1
  6. For some reason my SixUpdater is showing two Arma 2 primary servers, and I'm having some connection issues. Is this a related issue? Rage.
  7. Hi all, wanted to say a quick 'hello' if we haven't met on the primary server yet. I've just recently got into Arma multiplayer, and I love it. I aspire to some kind of leadership position, whether that be FTL, squad leader, maybe even Platoon level leading at some point. Might start dipping into some FTL in the coming weeks, 'learn by doing' has always been my motto. Wanted to say thank you as well, UO has been incredibly helpful for me so far, you're a friendly bunch and I'm fortunate to feel like I've slipped into battle this week relatively smoothly. Please do give any advice on the battlefield if you see me, because I'm open to take any help I can get! If anyone would be happy to talk me through long radio communications at some point, I'd really appreciate it, i.e. being a Squad Leader, switching between short and long radios. Cheers, Rage.
  8. I would like to attend, but I will probably be a bit late, or have to leave on short notice. Is this OK?
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