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    Steam ID = Serpent10i
  1. @PotatoMan2J6 It is also the exact thing that was used in the Portal 2 ARG.
  2. Looks like there is a web site (linked here) setting up an ARG for * hopeful* ArmA 3's release. Here is the BI forum post.
  3. I second that. ACU is completely worthless as camo in most environments.
  4. Time Zone: GMT -5 Preferred Server (US East): Preferred Faction (TR/NC/VS): None
  5. I will be getting home from vacation on the 27th (not sure of the time will update as info becomes available) but I would love to join you as a JTAC or Pilot.
  6. The thing is if they "improve" the gameplay people will bitch and moan just as much, if not more, if they don't change anything.
  7. Where did all my money go? and why do I now own Knights of the Old Republic and the Tribes Starter Pack and Ghost Recon Advanced Warfighter 2... AND Deus Ex and all the DLC? VALVE!!!!!!!!
  8. I really like it and would buy it, but I don't own an xbox.
  9. Ingame Name: Serpent10i Preferred Slot: FTL-Anything Willing to Lead: Y If Yes, at what level: FT/Sqd Willing To Fly: N Is Yes, at what level: N.A. Comments: I would love to FTL but I am also qualified (through UOTC) to squad lead and RTO but I will be happy with any slot. EDIT: added info
  10. Ok buy which one is right? I would guess the title because it has the correct month but idk...
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