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  1. As someone who lives in the Seattle area of Washington State, it's a common sight to see cars with British Columbia license plates on the freeways. In fact, I am a frequent visitor to Vancouver B.C. myself -- I see it as a sister city to my home town. I hope to take my girlfriend to Victoria very soon and show her a little slice of Europe tucked away in the Pacific Northwest. Shit, a good friend of mine from Toronto helped me to meet the love of my life. Despite my personal experiences, that video made me realize I have taken my friendly northern neighbors for granted at times. I'll endeavor not to do so again when I travel north of the border next time... or kiss my woman.
  2. I think I will watch the D-Day landing episode of Band of Brothers tonight...
  3. They should play the last 30 seconds of that video at his funeral. *Waves*
  4. I don't think I blinked during the five minutes I watched that.
  5. Welcome Dakota... I hope you'll go by that name on the gaming servers, otherwise I'm certain there is bound to be confusion in names if you and I play a mission together (Should have gone with my instincts and called myself Case, instead of DCase -- what my college pals used to call me)
  6. I take it things will be quiet around the community this week?
  7. This creeps me out more than anything.
  8. Is "I continue" also an acceptable alternative to "break?"
  9. I can't recommend Tasel's training course playlist enough -- He's a godsend to noobs like me. I plan to take the courses eventually myself, but since I'm bit of a slow learner, I prefer to do a little research before going hands-on...
  10. Hi all, Just recently decided to join the community after hearing about you guys through PC Gamer. I was very impressed by the professionalism and maturity of this group. I hope to one day participate with a squad on the battlefield but first I have a lot of training to do and videos to watch. In the meantime, I'll see you all on the boards... -D.Case (first and last time I sign a post)
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