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  1. I realize this ban has already been removed but I'd still like to share my support for dopkset. He is a very good SL, much better than many I've had and I'm sure this sort of thing is just an anomaly.


    There are A LOT of derpy things being done by others that probably don't deserve to be in this community. If the regulars truly want to clean up the servers, seek out these violations, don't potentially hurt the community by banning good/serious players for trivial things.

  2. I was last in column and saw what happened. He put a 20 round burst through two guys. If Walldo hadn't been quick to react I think he would have killed more.


    He wasn't alt-tab'd because we had just moved around a corner in formation.

  3. I witnessed Tiger intentionally team-killing two of my squad mates tonight during a COOP mission. Our losses could have been greater but fortunately Wallpo(sp?) acted fast and put Tiger down. I'm not sure how long he should be banned but it wouldn't surprise me if this happens again.

  4. I hope you at least manage to have some fun. I went back several times and it never lasted. Although, I think that the people you play with has the most impact on whether EVE is enjoyable.

  5. I started playing eve about 6 months after it released and played pretty steady for 5+ years. Unfortunately, EVE requires a ridiculous amount of time to enjoy and CCP pretty much ruined the game with scanner changes, too many ship types, and POS's.


    I was a member of DNA, we dominated lower Syndicate for a long time and were responsible for some of the most popular early EVE videos. We created Griefwatch.net. We were heavily involved in many of m0o's early exploits. The first alliance tournament had one of our pilots as a commentator and the post-tourny interviews were conducted on our TS server. We used to kick the shit out of the guys that created Goonswarm. :P I loved EVE but sadly it just isn't the same game anymore.

  6. Just had my first night of gaming with you guys and I had a blast! Unfortunately, it took a couple of missions for me to get comfortable with some of the controls (lots of keys to remember) but after working out those noobie kinks I could focus on my positioning, shooting, and following orders.

  7. Allow myself to introduce... myself. :P


    I can't seem to enjoy most shooters these days and I wanted a better experience, so here I am.


    I'm looking forward to teamwork, relatively realistic firefights, laughs, and all the things this community seems to posses.


    I just finished installing everything via the handy guides you were nice enough to provide and I look forward to learning from you guys as I try to make myself into something resembling a effective cyber soldier.



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