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  1. Yeah, there hasn't been a huge graphics renaissance in a long while. While my gaming PC has died which is why I'm not online on UO anymore, it was roughly 4 years old and could play lots of games relatively smoothly. Not in the prettiest settings of course, but it was doable. Granted, the future is always fickle and futureproofing your computer is a fool's errand.
  2. It's best you use Synchtube. The whole movie's on Youtube using a very simple and obvious search term. I'm not going to elaborate because I'm pretty sure the legality of it is disputed. In any case, this method will probably give the least headaches and also will feature a super dandy chatroom.
  3. I'm always paranoid of reloading since in some (shitty) games, you lose your mag even if it was full.
  4. Keep Tiger banned for the time being. I would want to call for a UO-wide warning though. I was surprised to see some members of this usually mature community just go ballistics at Tiger's voice and attitude. I can understand some grievance but it did show a bad side of the community that otherwise is not there.
  5. A quick question, how should my voice hotkeys be set up? Currently, I have three different hotkeys, one for ACRE Radio, one for In-game voice and one for Teamspeak 3.
  6. Hey guys, just wanted to introduce myself. I'm Haryo "Fragrag" Sukmawanto and I'm from Belgium. I just started playing Arma 2 again and first time playing in UO. I think some of you may have already seen me last night during some missions. Big thanks to Suffocation for helping me get around and learn ACE and ACRE. My first experience was pretty cool, especially the third one I played, where for some absurd reason we were USMC fighting the British. I got "lucky" enough to not only be picked for FTL of second squad, but also to take point of the whole platoon column. Luckily graeme was helpful enough and gave clear instructions during the march. I'll be playing rather irregularly, mainly during the week if I get the chance but hopefully it won't be a rare occasion. On a sidenote, is it ok if I briefly hijack one of the empty channels in TS? I got a friend who might be interested as well and I want to help him set up his ACRE etc... We don't have a TS server with ACRE so I hope you don't mind.
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