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  1. level 5 to 12 Federation: Go to Earth - Sol 3 stations orbiting it, filled to the brim with fed factions. DO ALL THE DONATION MISSIONS Take a type 9 and take as many REP++++ source and return and water mining missions as you can (make sure you can source all the materials at the same station). Sometimes there are good REP++++ delivery missions. The destinations for the missions are also fed factions, so donate there as well. After 4 days and 250M CR, you'll get your corvette...
  2. Hi everyone, I used to play with UO back in 2012 on ArmA2, i have some extra time, so i'm happy to rejoin you guys. P.S. I saw that sometime around 2015 there was someone called Razgriz (notice, no "neo_") who got banned a bunch of times... That's not me, i'm nice. See you ingame!
  3. I finally finished grinding for a Corvette, now i just need engineering... Anyone still playing this? is there a clan? UPDATE: Found you guys, let's do this
  4. Sorry I'm late guys, i had to pay the 40$ for the Alpha Squad pack just to get a beta key... Time Zone: GMT+2 Preferred Server (EU/US East/US West): EU Preferred Faction (TR/NC/VS): NC Got an NC on EU1 and a VS on EU2. So who's organizing the EU team?
  5. New to the commuinity, i know deathstrike, dark_knight and reddish from another community. I've been on a few missions, all of them awesome. Enjoying myself very much so far. Also, i'm from Israel, Seeya in teamspeak and ingame.
  6. Wish i could be there but i'm going to a Scorpions concert, i'll catch the next one (unless you reschedule this one ).
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