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  1. I have played war thunder and it is a blast to play!
  2. Hey all! I am backing a project on Kick starter by Gas Powered Games called Wildman. Wildman is a Single player/Cooperative play Action RPG/RTS. If you are not familiar with Gas powered games they have developed Dungeon Siege, Supreme Commander, Total Annihilation, and Demigod just to name a few. Also there is a livestream @ http://www.twitch.tv...oweredgames/new - That is offering allot of insight into the development process of Gas powered Games and Game development in general. The Next Stream will start @ 12:00 PM PST on Monday the 4th of February. There will be a live Q&A with Chris Taylor. Why should you back Wildman? 1. To support awesome game and Company. 2. To Save Gas Powered Games from going under - Chris Taylor will have to shut down his company (Gas powered Games) if funding goal is not met. 3. To Support Future innovation in the Action RPG and RTS genres. 4. To get a say in games that you want to play not what publishers want you to buy. 5. To Get be part of the development process. Just for 20.00 bucks or however much you decide to spend. If you have and doubts about Chris Taylor and the team at Gas Powered Games Team delivering on this project. Ask don't stay silent - Ask Questions - I have been asking my fair share of questions about the project. Which you can find here. BTW - If I posted this in the wrong Section I am very Sorry!
  3. Hey all, I am lurker that is coming out of hiding on the UO forums. I am interested in getting into ARMA:CO with you guys. I have played ARMA in the past just need to play more frequently. But yeah.
  4. This is a very nice read - I have been reading this in my spare time.
  5. Where can i find the Team Speak Server info?
  6. Ok, First off I am not a member of the Dev team - So sorry about that bit of confusion. There will be mining from what i have gathered from the second update they posted on kick starter. Best of all it is free to play they will only charge for cosmetic items (Skins and the like.) The game will be entirely skill based. Sorry I could not answer all your questions the developers can however and they are on allot! Check it out. www(.)kickstarter(.)com/projects/1065318294/squad-wars Remove the () to get to their kick starter page.
  7. Hey everyone - I am raising awareness about a game known as Squad Wars. About Squad wars - We're aiming to bring you best space-based dogfighting possible – to recreate all of the amazing moments from the greats: the incredible movies and shows we grew up with, and the armada of incredible space games that came out in the 80s and 90s. We want to recreate epic capital ship battles, fighter fur balls, nerve wracking runs where all hope rests on one last surviving ship against all odds. On top of that, we want to layer an intense territory control and bragging rights game that fans of any team based combat game can get into. You choose what scenarios to attempt every time you log in. Some scenarios will be quick and dirty with just a few players, some will be long and involved with a lot of players. You choose which of your ships and gear will best fit the role you need to take in the scenario you pick, then play it out! Every time you play, you are progressing towards unlocking new ships, paint jobs, and new gear and goodies. You will also be affecting the state of the universe depending on if you win or lose any scenario. The overall results of every scenario played will be tracked and can have meaningful impact on you, your squad and the game world as a whole. Every time you play the market you're actually creating missions for squads to fly. After all, it's not like a load of diamonds just safely ships itself across a lawless economic development sector. Someone's gonna have to escort it through space to protect it from those undesirable types who'd rather steal a load of diamonds than buy one. "Glory Across the Galaxy" Some example scenarios we are thinking about: You love giant space battles. Two rival conglomerate capital ships are battling over a sector of precious resources. Join a side in your spacefighter and help ensure the outcome in favor of your team, as the capital ships unload high tech weaponry and rip each other apart... You love trading. You just purchased some goods at an amazing price knowing you can make a killing selling it to another station. But first you have to get those goods through a hostile nebula. You create a delivery mission. When the required number of players join up in the various roles needed, the mission begins. You either get the goods delivered or they are taken by pirates... You love mining and the role it plays in the economy. You have leveled up your ship to be a top miner in known space. Queue up a mining mission and when the roles are all filled go get your ore or die trying... Don't have a lot of time today? Try to make the Kleinus Run in less than 5 minutes while marauding space pirates are on your tail! You like playing something different every time. Queue up for all the types of battles and hop in the first available one, choose the right ship for the job and just have fun. What we're also doing is building an intense territory control and bragging rights game that any fan of team based combat games can get behind. Controlling territory gives your squad the edge it needs to make a fortune and with a fortune comes all the awesome perks that the plebes don't get: Things like carriers or destroyers, or bomber wings that can strike at enemy installations for you. Check it out on kick starter. I would post a link but the forums are not letting me
  8. Hey, I would be interested in Darkest hour if any one would like to play.
  9. Hey UO Community, My name is Benjamin Stanley (AKA HeadClot) I am joining United operations for ARMA 2 and ARMA 3 as soon (as I get my computer upgrade that is. ) I hope to be a valuable part of the community. BTW I like modding ARMA and other games
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