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  1. I would like to sign up to gain the experience, though i haven't done the courses (RTO/landnav) i am familiar with Landnav, clear radio chatter and most of the equipment. If its alright i would like to attend, but understand if you holding to the prereq, I'll check around 2130 Zulu if i made it or not. and will sign for tomorrow if accepted, ofc.
  2. <cough> Character witness for Paavo in addition to all of the views above (chaotic brief, unclearity, heck the chopper killed more friendlies then opfor did) Paavo has always been a joy to play with, very 'proffesional' and have not seen him knowingly break the rules when ever i did play with him. There for i cannot beleive this was intentional AT ALL.
  3. Right, The mission was called (afaik, HVT was enroute to air) , was goofing with another man in the final 20 seconds. No word given during "incident" even after the group in question suggjested. No objection,but rather bumbed cause i did pick up S6'8 to keep things going, the mood with CESAR was light and now bam.. go play COD(never!! btw). Btw details are: 5-7 round burst tracer fire well above their heads to spook 'em. My apologies, i would never do this during a mission or ingame brief.
  4. A bit shorter notice, but i will make every effort to show up!
  5. Are you interested in attending the platoon operations course: Y Are you interested in taking a leadership position: Y, up to Squad Lead. I keep getting slotted as SL , might as well get the tools in order!
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