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  1. Like they said, : 3570k It will do it's job. The only difference a 3770k has is hyperthreading. So if you are using programs that are really relying on CPU power it's better (Think about photo or video editing) For the graphic card I personaly will choose the AMD 7970. The 680 from nVidia is in that performance range but much more expensive. The cheapest 7970 is the XFX version. Get a proper power suply that will suite your hardware. The specs of the videocard will tell you the minimum mostly. For a SSD you should get a Samsung 840 Pro. It's the best tested SSD out and a great price. 256GB for 200 Euro. Motherboard isn't really a big choice to make as long as it's a socket 1155. (In case you get an Intel) Look up some reviews Go for some 1600mHz RAM, or higher if the motherboard supports it. 8 gig should do it, but it's not the price so go for 16 if you want. And if you need more space, and got some money left, get two extra HDD's and put it in RAID 0 for faster transfers and reading.
  2. There has been a topic by hem yes, but not necessary for all the invites. Let me change the topic to a library for peuple that want the gift so members with the free invites can give them to them!
  3. As you all know the ArmA 3 Alpha Lite invites are given to everyone who bought any other edition from ArmA 3. In this topic I will distribute steam accounts from members that want a free invite. Steam Account Names: - Elesium - Recieved invite - - - - Striped names already recieved an invite. Please let me know if you send/recieved a key so I can scratch your name of the list! Have fun playing Arma 3!
  4. Here is my, again, updated setup. Although it's missing my TV for repair. Also cable managment needs to be done as you can see. The 5.1 set really makes games, especialy ArmA, much more fun to play. My orientation ingame is increased magnificent.
  5. Never thought I would come in touch with a ban haha. Anyways, it was a big missunderstanding and rush by me when I was the only one left in my squad closeby enemy troops. Didn't thought it trough when I did it tho. I think the ban is in it's place for this, it has been a long time ago I've read the SOP and things fade away then, but it seems clear when you think about it using enemy assets is unrealistic. Sorry for my "call of duty" momentum ^^
  6. That's why it might be better to make guns illegal so it's not that easy to get one (There might be a discussion on this one)
  7. Seems I got a lack of intelligence to search the forums D:
  8. Yesterday news, but have you guys seen this (http://www.gameranx.com/updates/id/9181/article/arma-3-developers-charged-with-espionage-in-greece/) ? Funny the developers go die hard to get their game so realistic.
  9. And ofcourse we have Operation Flashpoint, getting pretty close to tactical when you play with friends
  10. Scrap my name, I'm not going to make it on time duo work. Or you can make it enterable like one hour later. Cheers
  11. Name: Joshua Courses: Famil, RTO, FTOC Interested in Leadership?: Yes If yes what levelk? FTL
  12. Ingame Name: Joshua Preferred Slot: 1st Platoon, 2nd squad, FT1 Lead Willing to Lead: Y If Yes, at what level: FT (SL only if it have to) Willing To Fly: Y If Yes, at what level: Utility Comments: I can fly pretty well for transportation.
  13. A little update on my setup. A little panorama And my couch that must be replaced for sure D:
  14. You really get such low FPS with those specs? I get just a normal rate (between 30/40) with my hd4870 in crossfire 512mb. NOTE: when you are running on crossfire doesn't mean, like me, I get 1 GB video memory. Just saying :-)
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