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  1. Agreed. As i said i react outta anger and frustration. I should of kept it just the original post, but the replies were to tempting to not reply to. I wont respond anymore.
  2. I am not trying to. I did leave the server alone for awhile. I have been ban for a awhile now and just returning.
  3. Obviously you don't know how to read. What i said was not threatening " Hell Fire" or even talking as a christian. It is simple logic. If you can not forgive then why should you be forgiven in the future. Its basically saying we all do wrong, and we all look for forgiveness, and to not offer forgiveness is hypocritical because we all want to be forgiven of what we done wrong. Religion is so misunderstood. Don't take it as religious but a quote, and somebodys thought. You dont have to be christian to believe in judo christian beliefs on forgiveness. Stop trolling.
  4. Making fun of religion and how people use it does nothing good for anyone. Just brings more hate in the world. Sometimes you need to say something and dont know how to put it, so why not look at the thoughts of great men.
  5. Thank you for your opinion. Let me challenge your thought. The first one is understandable, back then i really didn't care and was new to the server and have only played a few months. The second one i dont quite remember why i said that, but if i remember right i was just mad. For third piece, it would make anyone mad if you had a slot ripped from you just because a admin wanted the slot. Ofcourse i got mad. I don't like when people just take things. But i do appericate you showing evidence, and actual quotes from me. I did handle it poorly, and sadly that is just a part of myself i have to correct, not everyone is perfect. One thing i can promise is that i will try my hardest to comply instead of being resistant. Alot of it is my fault and how i reacted to certain situations, but if any of you would actually get to know me, you would all realize i am just a man always trying better his mistakes and start doing right. I do right in most situations. But sometimes i get emotional and anger makes me do or say things that get me into trouble. Even if i dont get unbanned i want you to not think of me as a troll or some kid, but a respectable guy that has problems like we all do. Just asking for forgiveness unbanned or not.
  6. Thank you for your post, very respectable and will consider the advice.
  7. See most of you dont know me. I dont get why there are such strong opinons agaisnt me from people who never or barley played with me. I stick to my own busniess and play the game. I am here soley to play the game. My objective is not to ruin a game but play it. I just dont see where these opinons spawn from. I have played awhile, for about two and half years i think. Why would i stick around for that long to just ruin games?
  8. What in that give you such a stronge neagtive oppinon of me?
  9. I am not insulting. That is what it is in my eyes. I am just expressing his actions into a opinon of what the objective of his actions are.
  10. Out of all the time i played, i have no sturred up much trouble. I have been mic quiet most of the time, only talking when needed to, for i am not a big talker on video games. I am just simply asking for somone to put up a vote. Then the community can decide my fate. This will be my last time, if i get unbanned i get unbanned, if i dont then i will never come back to a forum. People should put there current views about me somwhere else and try to see it as i do. In my eyes i have not pruposly dont much. I dont ruin missions on purpose, i dont troll missions, i try to do what i can and learn the game as much as i can, and i play because i like the game alot. There is no reason why i would come back if i wanted to do that? Why would i spend time on trying to get back in? JD just try seeing another way for once. Move your biased thoughts aside and take in both sides.
  11. 1. If you read about the team i so called "Killed" you would know i wasnt the one telling people i was going to shoot kids cause they couldnt find somthing they did not know about, that was a scientist, somone not even in a combat postion that told me they would kill me, and they raised their guns and fired. When they raised their weapons they were combatants, but it wasnt just the gun raising, it was everyone telling me they were gonna shoot me and then raising their guns. Not to mention i jipped and had no idea to what was going on. I was on there shack tac so i didnt get it. 2. good to hear 3. Well from what i see that you dont even know me, but can give an oppinon on me so nasty and dirty, is a childish thought. You dont know me. You dont know the situation, and infact you are completely ignorant about me. Anyone who knows me knows i am mature. I dont troll and i play to the best of my abilitys. 4. Troll on. child
  12. Really? I wasnt bad to you at all. Seems like alot of you just hate me because you have nothing better to do. I never even talked to you before. If you have nothing nice to say then do not say it at all.
  13. Name on TS and ARMA: Cole/eloc Ban status: PERMANET Ban hisotry or reasons:http://forums.united...11433-ban-cole/ http://forums.united...32-appeal-cole/ http://forums.united...798-ban-appeal/ http://forums.united...ogy-and-appeal/ http://forums.united...14582-ban-cole/ http://forums.united...17789-ban-cole/ http://forums.united...0-ban-eloccole/..... yes i know. Reason coming here today: I am here today to ask for sombodey to put a appeal thread up for me. I may have had not many friends on this server, but i did have a few and since then lost contact with them. But if anyone here were to remember and the situations i have caused and been put through on this server. Most of my bans, and deffintly the early ones are not forgivable in some sense. This was a while ago, as i explained in a previous apology to the server as i was coming back from my six month ban[:http://forums.united...11433-ban-cole/ http://forums.united...32-appeal-cole/ ] I was immature then, but i did have a heart for this game and sever. My more recent bans i belive are kinda acceptable, but again there not valid reason to me, for as i was not trying to purposly " Ruin a mission" or " joined to team kill" as for my last ban, i still stand on my story and why i did it. If you read the ban thread "http://forums.united...0-ban-eloccole/" you can see my side. I swear teamkilling was not a priotery but a result of a situation gone out of control. I'm really sorry about past mistake i made, i was young and this was a while ago. I am sorry for the trouble i put your admins through. Even though i have disagreements with current bans i still respect them as i am not the admin or pay for the server. I am a good player and serious, and i love realism in my game. I have a heart for teamwork. May i ask forgiveness for my troubles. "For if you forgive men when they sin against you, your heavenly Father will also forgive you. But if you do not forgive men their sins, your Father will not forgive your sins."-Matthew 6:14-15
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