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  1. Yeah. Definitely emphasize the importance of figuring out (and writing down) during slotting and confirming during briefing which squad you're in, how it will be addressed on the radio, which channel to be on, and who your direct superiors are so you know what to listen for.


    As a noob, I sometimes end up thinking I'm in "Bravo" because my unit description says "1-1-B 4" in the map screen when in fact I'm in "Alpha" because 1-1-A is command or whatever, and then getting in the wrong truck, being on the wrong radio channel, and generally causing chaos for others and embarrassment to myself.


    As a note to mission designers - this could definitely be improved in many missions, often it's totally inconsistent between the slotting unit names, the com/sig card if there is one, and much of the time the commanders just end up doing alpha/bravo/charlie anyways.

  2. I'm going to try but I have to take off time from work to attend at this time on weekdays.


    I don't have famil but have been doing ok for several weeks on primary (US late evenings) without it.


    I've asked before, is there any way to get some of these done on weekends or US late evenings? I'd really like to take FTL as well but can't take off 2 afternoons from work in one week for something like this.

  3. Thanks Famine!


    Also thanks to Ormand and Onyx who both helped me figure out the last details of how to get all the way launched into the game.


    Sorry I had to bail without warning, but it was late and I was having some kind of connection issues, somehow my teamspeak got locally muted and nobody could hear or apparently even see me by the end.

  4. Hi, just connected for the first time this evening and had a pretty good time playing domination. I'm looking forward to playing some more formal missions with you guys (even just driving or carrying ammo), and hopefully I can make some training sessions. I hope I can get to where I can be as good a part of a team as I see many of you already are. My first night left me realizing just how much I have to learn, particularly with regards to situational awareness.


    Like many, I found you through Tasel's videos on youtube - I've been playing Arma2 singleplayer for a while, but seeing you guys in action made me decide to take the plunge with multiplayer.


    I will generally be on evenings after 21:30 CDT (02:30 GMT).


    See you around!

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