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  1. id like to be in this, ive taken it before, but its been awhile since ive played so if u have like 31 or watever just take the other guy that hasnt taken it, but i dont remember my ingame name, post it tomorrow
  2. lol yea i told him no, he didnt have any pics or anything. do u guys think im better off making one or buying one already made on craigslist?
  3. should i ask him? ive been texting him. he said it can run tera on the highest settings perfectly
  4. o ok wow. i found a guy on craigs list who wants to sell his gaming pc for 300 dollars, are these specs worth it? and are they a good starting point?QUAD CORE 3.4gz 965 AMD processor 8gigs of ddr3 ram radeon 4800 series gfx card 1m cache 500gig harddrive windows 7 64bit
  5. ok, so basicly the 3ghz doesnt mean anything since its so old?
  6. its an intel pentium dualcore i believe idk the socket
  7. aright, if im going to buy it all at once i have probably a 500 dollar spending limit. if i take my time, i pretty much dont have a limit but i dont wanna spend 1 grand like i said, just for arma seeing thats the only game i play. i am going to try to snag parts off my moms old desktop, its got a 3.0 ghz processor, which is i think the onyl thing i think will be worth getting. ive been looking at videos on the internet and feel pretty confident about putting together one, if not i no some people who can help me so thats not an issue.
  8. i currently play on a laptop and i have to play on very low settings and i obviously have a lot of trouble seeing enemies past 50 meters. i wanna buy a pc, but i have no clue wat to buy or wat not to. the only games i play is arma co and then arma 3 when it comes out. i want to be able to run arma 3 on high graphics but at the same time i dont want to spend a thousand dollars. if anyone has any advice on wat to buy or if i should buy a bare bones or pre-assembled pc it would help alot. thanks
  9. hell, with my piece of crap graphics card i wouldnt even be able to see that helicopter turned out lol. the first time i played with u guys, i didnt turn in when we were taking fire and i got killed within 5 minutes of a no respawn mission i was like fml
  10. i wanna take this course at some point i probably wont be able to make it
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