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    Mike is from an era where Arnie was the greatest star at the cinema, Bill Clinton was still getting head and DOOM floppy disks were still being traded in the school corridors.
  1. Nou. You sir are a god. I have been holding out to come back to playing Arma until A: my replacement TrackIR proclip arrives and B: ACRE arrives. Two things I NEED in order to even consider playing. You sir deserve the EPIC award bestowed on all those that are EPIC!!!!!!!!!!!
  2. If I say I'm Irish will that push you over the edge???? Anyways, don't let my story scare you off. Track IR is AMAZING and is worth the money. Freetrack sucks and is nothing in comparison. Just realise that it is probably best to remove the proclip from your headset when not in use and try to always be aware of it. I got lazy and left it on all the time so it was bound to happen at some stage. Obviously if it was metal I'd of been sorted.
  3. Pointless. Where exactly did this come from? EDIT: Just in case anyone gets the wrong end of the stick. What I mean is this. I agree with whoever said this had really no bearing on things. I am sure Dsl will not take it personal. He is a great guy who has done a lot for the Arma community. He has enough respect and awards under his belt that I am sure a Yay or Nay to this vote will mean little to nothing... that is not a gibe at UO or at Dsl. As some have stated, there are bigger things to worry about. I just hope nothing comes from this that would damage the relationship. Although I cannot vote for once I can claim to really hold no pining towards a yes or no result. What I will say is that Dsl is a great guy, in my opinion, who helped me out with some stuff in the past server related. In fact I would not be here, in UO, if it was not for Dslyecxi.
  4. I have it. I love it. But I have to say I hate how shoddy the plastic is on the proclip. I broke mine 3 weeks ago by accidently whacking it with my hand as I went to scratch my head. I had it for nearly a year. Bought a new clip for £30 from the flightstore.co.uk ... only to drop my headset last night from a height of about a foot to break the new one. No luck. They should make these things tougher though, maybe out oif metal. Seriously WEAK plastic. Interesting article: http://forums.bit-tech.net/showthread.php?t=175476
  5. Hey guys, I'm currently looking for other UO Battlefield 3 players. I have joined the battlelog platoon but wonder how many people are still playing. If you are interested in some TS based gaming add me on battlelog. My name on BF3 is Kingmobz . Add me!
  6. Seriously hope this does not mess up the release of COH2!
  7. Djinn

    ARMA 3

    Agreed. I think that BI's track record of making their titles very open to modding will mean it will be almost a given that a modded version with modern equipment will be seen. I think many who are dismissing the title are counting chickens before they hatch. Let's get behind the title in force and see what modded gems arise!
  8. I'll look into how to do that on it now. I'll update this if I get it working. Thanks!
  9. Hey guys, I have recently created a VM running Windows XP 32bit Student Edition [copy got through my last job]. The VM is running though Oracle VM VirtualBox and I have just completed the windows install and it is running like a dream. The reason I am running it is to test compatibility of a program I am designing for the ARMA community [secret project! ]. Anyways, I have run into a noob issue of which I need some help. I am attempting to send some files across to my VM Windows from my native hosting OS. I have no idea how to get it to work and have attempted the route of creating a sharer folder in Oracle VM... which will not show up at all in my XP install. I am sure I am making some idiot mistake and I am sorry if I seem stupid and need my hand held. Lack of sleep makes me dumb. I do not want to simply host the files on drop box and dl them again as this is wasted effort and my files are... well... quite large. Looking for someone who has experience of this particular VM tool. Nutshell: How do I copy files from my hosting OS to my VM OS using Oracle VM VirtualBox. Thanks in advance!
  10. Everyone with a lower level than me is a noob. Everyone with a higher level than me has no life...

  11. Want to play ARMA... but keep working at 6am :'(

  12. I've known players as young as 13-14 who were more mature than some 24 year olds. In fact there was a member of the clan I led a few years back who I had always thought of as an adult.. Turned out to be only 14. I think it's cruel to assume anything about any potential addition to the group. Let their actions and attitude dictate their place in the group... but NEVER assume.
  13. "Beware the beast Man, for he is the Devil's pawn. Alone among God's primates, he kills for sport or lust or greed. Yea, he will murder his brother to possess his brother's land. Let him not breed in great numbers, for he will make a desert of his home and yours. Shun him; drive him back into his jungle lair, for he is the harbinger of death."
  14. I will have a load of time free the next week or so and will come on TS more and properly introduce myself. I'm looking forward to getting involved in learning new stuff and helping out where I can. I'd be VERY interested in getting some training in and getting rid of some bad habits I picked up over the years!
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