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  1. Ingame Name: Rooskin Preferred Slot: Pilot, Infantry Willing to Lead: Y If Yes, at what level: FT/Sqd Willing To Fly: Y Is Yes, at what level: Utility Comments:
  2. So the server can handle that amount of people now? Last time I played (~a week ago?) just having over around 50 people on threatened to crash the server. Have any precautions been taken to prevent this? Either way I'll be there. Can't wait!
  3. I will vouch as to Australians using the term cunt (very) loosely. I doubt it was meant negatively, though it's hard to tell when you aren't Australian I suppose. As to the TK, it seems unintentional but there is no reason to throw anything or discharge a weapon when you know the mission is over (which is something i see every time I play a mission with new folks). Ban time seems appropriate to me but I could see reason to lower it. Just my non-regular two cents.
  4. No chance at all to be an alt-tab. I was his squad lead and had just finished giving a set of orders. He was no more than 5 meters to my left walking away from me, stopped, turned a full 180 and opened up on me and his fire-team. He didn't say anything either and I hadn't heard him talk for almost the whole mission other than a possible contact (Called out ~10 minutes before this incident). But anyway, no, it was not an alt-tab.
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