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  1. The only problem I've had with the 930s is after nearly 4 years of use the pleather has begun to peel but not really to a huge extent (and I've used them a lot). Mic quality isn't that bad at all. I really have no idea if you and I have been using the same headset at all, Vospo.
  2. I will have had the Logitech G930 for four years this June. It's an awesome headset, but it is no longer being produced. The current model is the G430. In my experience, Logitech always makes gaming gear that is better quality than anything in the price range of $100. The current G430s are $80. With that said, I'm retiring my G930s tomorrow and HyperX Cloud 2 will take it's place. I have high hopes for these, but Logitech makes its shoes very hard to fill. If you want to ask about the 930s let me know. The 430s are just the next model year version basically.
  3. For a lot of us college students its exam time right now. Aside from that idk why there isn't really anyone on. The server is usually pretty populated around christmas. It'll probably pick up in a week or two. Aside from that, there aren't designated times, but most people play on the weekends from around 6:00 to 11:00 eastern afaik.
  4. Does it have animated fire selectors?
  5. I used to play Arma 2 life mods long before I played here. One day two guys chilling in our teamspeak by the name of Yugoslav & *cringe* September invited me over. I played one mission and thought it was nothing special. 6 months later I began pissing away most of my time here.
  6. The roles are already clearly defined in multiple field manuals. On top of that, most of it is just common sense. What is the point behind this whole discussion?
  7. All these analogies and words are making my head hurt. In my eyes, it's plain and simple. If you have a role, don't step outside of that role. If you're working on a farm as a tractor driver, and one day you come to work and the guy who milks the cows is driving the tractor you're going to be very confused. Any organization runs on trust that while you do your job everyone else is doing their's.
  8. Micromanagement is going downward in your chain of command more than 1 level to issue an order. Assuming that a PL corresponds with his SLs who corresponds with his FTLs who then corresponds with his FT members (PL<<>>SL<<>>FTL<<>>RIFLEMAN for the more graphical learners), an example of this is a PL telling a fireteam what to do. In the short term, the PL has finished the task he has set out to do in a very timely manner by bypassing a level of bureaucracy. However, we now run the risk of the SL not knowing where one of his FTs are. This could be possibly leaving a flank vulnerable to the whole platoon even if we overlook the well being of our poor squad. In short micromanagement is never acceptable. It destroys situational awareness while inciting needless quarrels between the different levels of leadership.
  9. Running Arma 3 on an SSD after resetting your computer (reformatting, rebuilding... I've heard it called so many things) is very much so nerdgasm worthy. I'm talking sheets soaked with nerdgasmic fluid.
  10. Imcraez


    Welcome to UO. You may come and go as you please at UO so don't worry about not having time to play. Have fun and hope to see you around.
  11. I personally don't have a problem with you, but you're grabbing for excuses right now.
  12. While I hate the "futuristic" feel of A3 with a passion, this mod begs the question "Does it provide something we don't already have?" I personally feel that the reason I like this is just because I'm old fashioned and resistant to change, but if the voice of the community were overwhelmingly to the contrary I would be supportive of this mod.
  13. Or people who have missions ready but refuse to upload them because I'm lazy and don't want to debug... << In all seriousness, yes, we do make missions and you telling us to 'go make our own missions' is annoying, considering that you have exactly 1 mission that consists of a bunch of helicopters shooting at tanks (nothing against the concept, just doesn't speak to any dedication of time or talent). Please stop suggesting irrelevant solutions to a problem we are attempting to solve. To clarify, the problem is that some of us believe that some mission makers are not putting thought into the concept of their mission and using half assed work arounds while producing a lesser product. For example, having 100 AI is not necessary. Strategically placing 30 can pose a big challenge for a platoon while reducing server load.
  14. Back in A2 when i was making missions, I would make sure to have pen and paper ready when they were played on the primary. I would be taking notes on how to improve the mission in further updates and improve the experience, replayability, and server friendliness. I think other mission makers should take the time to lobby for their missions on the server and then actively think how it could be made better. If you are not making missions out of a sense of pride of a personal product then I don't know what you're doing.
  15. Thanks for all the input guys. After hearing all of your testaments for the G502 and a little extra research I've settled on that. I'll let you guys know what I think when I get back in August.
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