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  1. hey hey, theres some good rap you just gotta look
  2. whitehead pre req -- Basic Soldiering Skills -- Fireteam Operations -- Squad Leader -- Combat Life Saver -- Field Medic -- Basic CQB not sure if too late..
  3. Correction on the helicopter incident, I was trying to land at a horrible LZ which was located ontop of a mountain next to sandbags, friendlies appeared to move towards my chopper as I was landing, causing these incidents. This was not intentional.
  4. CO40_Lost_Lambsv2.0.spritzisland.pbo
  5. I'd vote yes If I could, he's 1. an excellent mission maker 2. when he speaks, he always brings up a vaild and intelligent point. 3. a really helpful guy, helped me with one of my missions with scripts etc. 4. never seen him derp, just never.
  6. in game name: Whitehead qualifications: Famil, Fireteam Operations, Squad leader before. will you attend FTX: yes
  7. Hello, As many of you may know, I am Eddy (Whitehead), 15 years old, and an active member since 23 March 2012. After many months of playing, learning, and sometimes teaching, I've decided it is time to up my game to the next level, in becoming a regular, I feel as if I can contribute in: Helping decide which mods can be added into the server Making the sure the server is being used correctly, making sure we aren't just playing TVTs/domi all day. Possibly apply for GM, to aid in server administration. What I've done to in the server: Taken slots people refuse: most recent example can be FDC from the Sierra leon mission today (Thanks to wolf for helping me with this.) Helped people with Sl roles, FT roles, talked to regulars/nonregulars, about issues in the server. Started making missions for the server to enjoy. The UOTC courses that I've completed/about to complete. Basic soldering skills Navigation Squad Leader Field Medic Combat life saver Fireteam ops About to take MOUT course RTO Course And CQC course. Have I adhered to the basic requirements of a regular? That you have registered and participated in the UO forums for a minimum of 45 days: Yes. That you have registered and participated on our Teamspeak Server: Yes That you have read, understood, and agree to abide by the Community Charter and SoP's: Yes. That you are interested in being an active participant in growing and improving the UO Community: Definitely yes. If there is anything you believe I should improve on, please either PM me on the forums, or poke me on TS. Regards, Eddy ARMA2 Profile Name: Whitehead ARMA2 Profile ID: 4674374 my time zone: GMT 0
  8. Jesus christ this derailed.... Why don't some of you step the fuck back, and look over your arguments.
  9. It is always a long mission, still great fun though.
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