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  1. V. 2 :added a machine gun team, new gearscipt merged with olsens framework, briefing and loadout improvements, A.C.E. medical tests.
  2. something seems to be wrong with the replay. Link wrong?
  3. At some point you need to exercise your knowledge to become better. Class rooms cannot really teach that exercise ( or would take hours longer ). E.g.: next time you feel like taking a leadership position, FTL, ask someone to help you out in your team, I will be glad to do that.
  4. Found smoe more screenshots, some over a year old: goon, I don't actually remember how one can test a rescue boat falling from an aircraft carrier ( parachute opening test? ) goon shilouette trick ( midget in sand ): goon midget standing upright: goon stretching himself: UO tactics ( dont bunch up ): UO tactics ( now you are really bunched up - where is the enemy? ): Who belongs that boot sticking out of the bradley? tactical break:
  5. One CQB tactic, that is going to be presented on the map I am working on. My first animation, ever:
  6. ah IIRC = If I recall correctly = "I don't know, you might be wrong, I might be wrong". Thank you, maffa. That way it ain't a lie. Well, Briland, since you dont know and I tested it, Vpope and I are right. But we are at the beginning again,. The request has to be verified for validity ( one could have believed me, like at least two other regulars did ), I confirmed it by testing ( that is why I made this post in the first place ) and Vpope confirmed it by knowledge. My request should be valid now, let us proceed to the content of it and whether it makes sence to change it, please. So much for procedure, sorry for my egocentric tendencies, but I dont like to turn in circles and I dont know another way to express critique on superior members here, except for mentioning it with direct accusations. For the sake and available time of all of us.
  7. I dont know why, but that would mean for me, that this line is a lie: ( what means IIRC? what do I not understand in this line? )
  8. Miles vs. Turtle: so tactical: UO rainbow:
  9. Impotent Rage ! tactical swimming task: Cobra King II:
  10. Nice, first I want to focus on teammember duties and general concepts, when that is fluent and understood, we can move a step further up to leadership roles.
  11. I know it is a crazy question, but is it possible to tell us which are still forced? It would save all of us a lot of time testing it out. Other question: Are the testing servers updated too? Another question: How would that case look like, so I know when to post this request again? Current Symptom: preventinstantdeath is still forced on server #3.
  12. Hey, I would like to request a few changes in the server config. based on this link: http://www.unitedoperations.net/wiki/ACE3_Server_Config current values: 1. ace_medical_preventInstaDeath value = 0 forced = yes 2. ace_medical_healHitPointAfterAdvBandage value = 1 forced = yes 3. ace_medical_amountOfReviveLives value = -1 forced = Yes 4. ace_medical_maxReviveTime value = 120 forced = Yes 5. ace_medical_enableRevive value = 0 forced = Yes Reqeusted values: 1. ace_medical_preventInstaDeath value = 0 forced = No2. ace_medical_healHitPointAfterAdvBandage value = 0 forced = yes 3. ace_medical_amountOfReviveLives value = 1 forced = No 4. ace_medical_maxReviveTime value = 240 forced = No 5. ace_medical_enableRevive value = 0 forced = No Elaboration: Reviving with limited amount of lives can be teamwork building in fields that are currently not exercised. Situations like an unconscious person becomes focus of the group, medic comes by, takes control, people pull security or drag the wounded to cover, start treating that person, apply CPR and bring the wounded person to a medical facility to patch up with a PAK, under time pressure. Another Situation which I experienced myself by other mission makers, is a logistical challenge to bring the wounded from the frontline to the CCP, then being evacuated by helicopter to patch up or revive that person within a timeframe at base. Currently PAKs, CPR and long term damage ( fractures or similar ) are not a subject in UO missions and lack some kind of realism and overall it is a pity not to use it, if it can benefit the experience. in detail: 1. necessary for reviving 2. lets a bandaged leg stay fucked up ( fractured ) instead of healing it to 100%. 3. necessary for reviving, I suggest not to have more than 1 live, but other missionmaker may think differently. 4. 240 seconds should be a realistic minimum, in my 2nd example ( helicopter extraction to base ) even that would be not enough. 5. necessary for reviving greetz kOepi
  13. welcome back. Maybe you see sence in binding your grenade-throw-key to a combination of two keys, e.g. shift + 3.
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