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  1. Ive had this on my mind for a long time and Ive finally just needed to ask this and find out what others think. I understand why some people get banned from teamspeak but why cant those who are spamming or anything have a chance to actually talk to the person banning them with their own voice on teamspeak to say " hey this is my side of the story, whats yours and lets try to figure out the situation." before you get banned from the sever. I find it a lot more respectful to be told by someones voice why I am being banned rather than someones keyboard typing it out . I know Ive been banned a few times before but if I could have told someone my side of the story found out what they saw and made since of the situation and actually have them listen I would have felt ten times better than when I have to type everything out, and then it take 3- 4 hours for it to then be posted for nothing to happen. I think a lot of the bans could be disregarded if only we could talk to the person banning us. I truly feel that typing stuff out is like being put in prison and told you can talk to the judge you just have to write out everything and I will just throw your story in the trash. I can promise you I HATE being banned and for some reason I'm the one that gets banned for little stuff that could have been sorted out a lot faster if i could just have talked to someone. Can the admins just not ban you from the primary sever channel? Now don't get me wrong I absolute LOVE this sever, there isn't one person I dislike everyone is just amazing to me and so helpful, and I understand for a lot of you the feelings not mutual, I don't understand that. I cant get into my brain why no one ever can tell me why they don't like me but that's off topic, I really think that if you are going to be kicked from the sever you should be able to TELL your story with your OWN VOICE. Thanks, Vdog
  2. I swear people hate me on this sever.

  3. I never intentionally tried to kill anyone and why is it a week i thought it was only 48hrs
  4. ok I promise you I never saw those people I did not even know they were there.
  5. I can understand the grenade thing but I made sure no one was connecting when I did it, I made sure to look. The kicking me for the sidechat I don't understand I was dead and I had just become dead and it was funny that the first thing I see is a tank being blown up. I don't understand why we cant talk after we are dead I thought that the players in game cant see that. If so its happens lots of times. I did kill myself because, well actually I thought you'd like me too because it would be cheating for me to not kill myself I had already died once before and i joined in again. I really wasn't trying to mean any harm the game was almost over anyways and I didn't really see what the problem would be. Again I didn't mean any harm I was just trying not to cheat. I don't understand the throwing grenades near already-dead players how did they die?
  6. The weapon was never discharged I was told by the TL to get the rifle because I ran out of ammo for my m-16. I was told to not just randomly getting the rifle I was told to because I ran out of ammo. Im not sure what the problem is with that, the rifle was never discharged. I was told by someone not good with names but he said " do not shoot the gun unless you think you may die" I said ok. Then I heard " beta kick vdog" from across the road, im not sure why he said that or who said it but I do relize alot of people dont like me. Im sorry for the way I act, im always trying to better to be around (although some of you make not think that I am). Please tell me if youve got a problem with anything about me. Back to the ban, after I was kicked I was really mad because I had gotten so far and knowing rejoining would result in me being stuck back at the jip point and no way to play. I did not mean to talk global, and dont relize why I was kicked for it. After being kicked I saw a text message from kevin which said "were you kicked" I was responding to him before I left and said " yea" and I was then kicked from the game. Another quick question why am I banned from TS sever?
  7. I was told to get the ak from my TL because i ran out of ammo and then was told not to shoot it unless i was going to die then i heard from teh other side of the road "KICK VDOG". what did i do wrong? Then i was returning to game and I was trying to talk to kevin who was a jip and i was raging about being kicked and i heard u were kicked from sever i was about to leave, at that time kevin asked "were u kicked from the sever" and i responded "yea" and then it kicked me. i did nothing wrong what did i do the was disrupting the sever?
  8. The reason for that was that i had stuck keys and it automatically started engines and started forward i had the same problem last night but i fixed it now
  9. I was in the game at the time, no i did not see the incidence occur but i can state that in the game before tiger was being teased and such for his age and stuff. now like i said i didnt see the incidence occur but what may have happend is that he was teased to the point of just breaking and raged. Jake, no i dont think it was a alt- tab incedent because he shot and killed the whole team is what i heard.
  10. i told them i didnt hear anything i was eating and watching tv i can promise you i never heard a thing i was muted on computer side i pressed mute on the sound i can promise i didnt hear a single thing
  11. why i get baned for a week when others only get baned for 24hrs

  12. ok well first of all IM SO SO SO sorry this has even happend but can i please say my side of the story. i have played on many severs with no real driving postions. when the truck was taken all i was told is " im taking command of this vehicle" not "im the commander and im going to take the hvt back ok vdog" i didnt mean to shoot the truck or the hvt i was meaning to shoot above the truck and get the guy to stop now i know what i did was wrong but, when i get a slot i take it to heart if im the driver you know dang well that truck is going to be in the best of care and im going to treat it like mother to her child, if im a rifleman im going to be one with my rifle and use it to. i know im not the best player and i know im not perfect but all i saw was someone taking my truck and saying it was now his, like i said i will make sure no one kidnaps my truck just like a mother to her child. i know some people dont like me because i talk alot nad ask a bunch of questions, thats because what i do on my other time is i do Search and Rescue and YES i really do SAR and trust me if someone is missing ill ask every question i can till i have all the information i can posible get to find and aircraft, person or what ever it be. im getting off track, anyways as jake perily said i was warned i was told IF IT HAPPENS AGAIN ILL BE BANED, it never happend again since the talk so why am i baned is there a thing that warning turns to ban without me doing anything wrong again, im sorry im not perfect im tierd of playing on those other severs and when im on an allegedly realalisic sever i would excpect i would be doing my position like a soldier without his gun is usless, im usless as a driver without my vehicle. i wish i could go back in time and change this i dont like playing on other severs because of this and heck im celebrating school is almost out and i play this more than anything. im so so so so sorry that i shot the hvt and i guess the driver but the driver was never killed so is that considerd team killing if he never died. also i did say over the radio(not sure which one) someone is stealing my truck before i opend fire. IM SO SO SO SORRY it happend , -Vdog
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