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  1. Im not gonna post here anymore making myself to be a an asshole already please Dont remove me from this community
  2. I just tryed to remove the rules but cant I dont wanna be banned its because i played this game and i get the comments in the 1st page is moslty annoyed me and the time i put it aswell
  3. Just some rules which i wannted to share with you guys and this is from City life 2,
  4. You must read our Rules! You "MUST" read this else you will end up being banned General Rules(See bottom for change log) All posts must be written in English.(unless in an non English forum) -Do not sign up multiple accounts on the Forum/Game Server/TS. Our detection will flag any account that is created from the same IP and/or PC and will be banned along with any other account found. This means do not sign up from the same household / internet connection/phone line in the wall or contract with your ISP this is due to hackers/exploiters and a technical issue with the game its self. For people who want to play with loved ones you simply can't so do not ask as exceptions will not be made so don't waste your time doing so. -Don't use a proxy or any anonymous ip software bans will be issued to any one caught using one. -Don't spam/abuse any other member via e-mail or Private Messages. -Don't sign up if you wish to hide something you have done in the past as we will publish your game ID and IP if needed*. -Don't sign up if you wish to have your information removed at any time as we not not offer this service at any time. -Don't sign up if you do not own original and/or purchased versions of Armed assault 2(A2) and Operation Arrowhead(OA) -Don't sign up if you do not speak English as it is a requirement to use English language on the server and in TS City Life Server Rules These rules exist to ensure the that the community goals are being met, as well as supporting the longevity of the server. We are not a community that enjoys removing people, bans will only occur as a last resort, we like to inform and make people aware what they are doing is wrong. The sole exceptions to this are cheating and racism. Anyone found using racist language on the game server OR on our Teamspeak server will be removed without warning. Ingame XML's Here at City Life RPG you are only permitted to use an XML hosted on a non advert site so for example you cannot use a site that if an incorrect URL is given a non blank page is shown with links and adverts. http://www.000webhost.com/xmlhosted/squad.xml bad host http://sh2.armatechsquad.com/squad/army_missing.xml Good host Please only use safe site as this will slow down the servers performance XML images must be 128x128 and in paa or jpg format Chain of command: if you have issues please follow the chain of command and do not spam people 1) Cliki 2) Friends 3) Forum 4) TS Helper Channel 5) Helper 6) TS Admin 7) Super Admin Note: Never contact a Super Admin they have lots of work to do and cant be answering your every whim Rule 0: Age limit: All players "Must" be over 16 years of age this is due to in-game content and language used in the server and forums. Rule 1: Cheating: Anyone caught cheating with appropriate evidence will be removed permanently from our servers and the server RPT files and all other evidence will be sent to BI for appropriate action. Rule 2: General Respect: Being aware that you are playing a role play style game and all sorts of scenarios may be generated including adult content, please bare in mind that serious abusive behaviour will not be tolerated neither will constant bickering. Rule 3: Racism: Racism is not tolerated. We do not believe in racism in the public servers, forums or team speak. Anyone exhibiting racism will be removed, followed by a ban (see below). If repeated offences keep occurring a permanent ban will be put in place. This includes insensitive religious remarks and socially unacceptable names in game.(At the Admin's discretion) Rule 4: Swearing: Cursing is allowed, however if your inability to moderate your own language causes people to complain or leave our server action will be taken. Rule 5: New players: We will endeavour to aid all new players in any way possible. Any one caught informing new players false information will be removed from the server. Rule 6: Talking about "hackers": Please do not whine or complain about cheaters in the server. When you accuse someone of cheating, whether they are legit or not, it will not only make them feel good (good players take it as a complement, actual cheaters enjoy affecting your state of mind) If you suspect someone of cheating, seek out an Admin either on Team speak or in server. If none is available feel free to record a video and submit it in the forum. Constantly complaining about someone cheating regardless of whether they are or not will be awarded a Kick/Ban. Also take into consideration there are people out there that are better at City Life RPG than you are. Rule 7: Disrupting the server: If you come onto our game servers and try to intentionally ruin the game for anyone else, you will be kicked from the server. This includes intentionally blocking doors, spamming items or following someone around taunting them and mass killing sprees. We have the ability to reset players accounts and we will remove all your earnings and items. In the worst case a ban will be set in place. Rule 7a: same as above (rule 7) But including the destruction of Primary buildings: A Primary building is a building in the game which all players either depend on or use. For example the main bank, post office's, ATM's, Factory's, Car shops, fuel stations. Any user who appears to be purposely damaging/destroying primary buildings will be removed from the server as it effects all other players. Crashing aircraft into populated areas, primary buildings is also a violation of rule 7. Rule 7b: same as above (rule 7) Destruction of non essential walls/fences/dock/Objects: If you are seen to be destroying objects that are not needed to be destroyed eg. running over fences in a manner that has no role play element at all just because your board. The reason for this rule is that city life is a persistent server and killing objects that do not need to be killed only ruins the environment for other players so do not do it.This is also a violation of rule 7. Rule 8: Admins decision is final: Should it come to the point where an Admin has to remove/ban a player from the server, and you wish to voice your opinion on a ban please do this in writing in the relevant section in the forum, getting angry on e.g. Teamspeak, Game server or cometchat will only make matters worse. Rule 9: User-names: User-names "Must" be the same on the Forum, Game server and Teamspeak. User-names "Can NOT be changed at any time" so don't ask. User-names "Must" be A-Z / 0-9 and contain no spaces, special symbols, non English lettering User-names "Are" case sensitive Rule 10: Teamspeak: All Players must be on OUR Teamspeak server and active to play on the game server. We have a strict "No mic take a hike policy" and people using voice changers will be banned without warning. No player shall be kicked from channel or TS unless: Server Admin can only kick 1) Constant spamming of music 2) Open microphone for a period of over 30 seconds without logical conversation 3) Serious abusive language e.g. Racial abuse, insults Super Admin can kick 1) When ever we deem necessary The only people to permit a Ban are Super Admin's and TS Admin's (Limited), unless the user in TS is a constant offender of the above rules where you should kick and then BAN(24h+) and post immediately your actions in the Banning section of the forum for a Super Admin to review. You will be Banned for 48 hours if you enter a working Police Channel during a game if you are not a police officer or you are on the game server and have not been given permission to do so. The only Police channel you are permitted to enter is "Request a police interview" or dragged by a Police Officer in to the "Interview Room". You will be banned for 48 hours if you are Police Officer and enter the Civilian Channel during a game (Regardless if you are in the game server). If you require to chat to a civilian drag them into an interview room or go to the lobby and ping them to chat with you there Rule 11: Revive: Any dead player waiting to be revived by an EMT is not to be tampered with by another player (Excluding his items). This means tasering, handcuffing etc.. Dragging a dead body is permitted as long as you do not place it in harms way. If you re-kill a player whilst they are waiting to re-spawn or be revived you will be banned without warning. Rule 12: Side Changing: If you choose to join the Police, EMT or returning to the Civ side "ALL" your stats will be reset this includes: -Vehicles on the Map -Vehicles in storage -Player Items -Player Cash -Player Bank -Player Skills -Player Licenses -Shop ownership -Donation goods (Donation Shop items, vehicle, cash) The reason for this rule is that people are forced to start from the beginning as every one else has had to. People found transferring Cash, Items of Vehicles ect while they change side will have there accounts reset and will "NOT" be allowed to change side in the worst case a 1 week ban may issued. Rule 13: EMT's: All EMT's are protected this means you cannot steal, damage or kill any vehicle or item that belongs to the EMT service doing so will end in a server ban. The reason for this rule is to have a fixed set of rules that will need to be followed at all times. Are not allowed to: -Block Police/Civ vehicles. -Block Criminal vehicles/Line of fire. -Give police officers a ride while transporting a victim to hospital. -Give out information regarding crimes (unless crime was committed on an EMT). -Take items left by a dead player unless delivering to said player. -Revive a player in a combat zone. Are allowed to: -Fly low in-side of city limits(If on a job). -Charge a fee for a successful revive. -Park in the police multi-story car park. -Inform the police of the hospital location the victim is/has been taken to. Should always: -Treat all players with out discrimination. -Communicate with police at all times. -Drive in a safe manner. -Bypass speed limits when on call and light's and sirens are on. Rule 14: Returning from a ban: If you have returned to the server after a ban of 48 Hours or longer and the reason for the ban is serious this could result in your stats, cash and vehicles being reset at the unbanning Admin's discretion and the reason should be posted in full on the Unban request. If however your forum account is banned its likely that your account will be removed from the server. Rule 15: Joining server with status is not on open: On our Teamspeak 3 server there is a channel called "Status" and you are only allowed to join the server is the status channel is on "Open" joining when its set on "Down" or "Restarting" will result in a short ban or a permanent ban can be given if you continue not to read the status. Rule 16: Talking to Super Admins: Talking to Super Admin's is ONLY for major issues and should never be done directly contacting them for silly unneeded reasons will end you time at City Life. We have a dedicated team of helpers and a full forum with topics that will answer all your questions all you must do is look and read its handy to use the search functions. Players who are too lazy to look and read for them self will be removed. Rule 17: Asking an Admin a question you have already asked another Admin. This is a childish way of trying to get your own way by playing 1 Admin off of another. If you have already asked an Admin a question and then go and ask another Admin the same question you will be banned. Rule 18: Electric Chair Usage: The electric chair will be used in extreme cases of crime by the CLPD. Crime that is over the set time limit of 15 + hours will result in a stats reset by the electric chair. Electric chair check list All evidence must be provided for all crimes, even if its association based it must show the suspect committing the crime in-order for it to be used in the calculation. A cap of 2 hours is to be used on a execution sentence if the suspect cannot pay there fees. A commander must review all evidence and calculate independently for clear fair results A Super Admin must review all evidence and calculate independently for clear fair results A Super Admin, commander and EMT must be present at the execution. if a death sentence is given and a Super Admin and commander is not currently around, suspect can be held for unlimited amount of time until judgement is handed down. Note, this jail time is not included with charges but more so to hold suspect until said time. After the execution is performed, an EMT will attempt to revive the victim. Should the revive be successful a 10 hour jail sentence in max security jail will have to be served by the victim of the execution. Should the revive fail, the victim shall be free to leave. Anyone abusing the electric chair will face a permanent ban from the server. Rule 19: Signing up multiple accounts: Creation of a 2nd account is not allowed and any player doing so will be banned for life this is due to our advanced detection system flagging you as a spammer/hacker this ban will not be removed so simply do not do it. if you have forgotten your account then contact a admin or post in the help sections on the forum.(see: Rule 9) Please note Your game server account is your responsibility, should you forget your game server account password, connect with the incorrect user-name and need us to reset your account, we require a £5 donation to be paid via Paypal. DO NOT make a new account, this will cause you more problems as your game ID will be the same in-game and you will get locked out of the system. Please remember your Password and check that you have the correct Username. Rule 20: Spamming: Users caught spamming any system in city life will be permanently banned from all of our systems. This includes but is not limited to (911/311, Forums, TS3, in-game chat, email, IM). Spamming players to get your point across is not allowed so do not do it there is no excuse and penalties will be harsh. Rule 21: Leeching: Player leeching: This is when a player tries to convince other players to join there server/game while in the city life server. Content leeching: Taking content from city life and using them in your own public mission with out permission. Rule 22: CLPD official rules: 1. Detaining Suspect time Police can detain you for up to one hour while they collect evidence and info on your crimes. If your crimes do not amount to one hour and you have exceeded the allowed one hour waiting period the officer will let you go and give an apology for the overstay and pay you $1000 for every 10 whole minute over the expected jail time. E.G. Situation: Waited in Car for 1 hour 30 minutes and calculated jail time is 1 hour 10 minutes. Result: No Jail time $2000 compensation for 20 minutes overstay if the officer fails to pay the overstay charge please report on the police complaints board so that action can be taken by Admins/High ranked officers. 2. Your Rights During Arrest If you have been detained you have a right to know your charges, amount of pending jail time and any licenses that will be revoked before jail time is set. This will normally be done either on arrest at the scene or in some situations where an officer may be at risk or when there are multiple suspects, you will be informed in thevehicle that will be transporting you to jail. Should you not be informed of the pending jail time, the jail time will be cancelled. Should you not be informed of your licenses being revoked, and then an officer proceeds to remove them when entering your jail cell you will keep all licenses or be compensated for the loss of license. You have grounds for a police complaintshould this happen. The officer has up until the entrance onto the jail premises to notify your charges/pending jail time/removal of licenses. Licenses cannot be removed after any jail time is set. In the event of an attempted jail break the officer is allowed to move you to safety inside the jail to read your charges, amount of pending jail time and any licenses that will be revoked. 3. Jail and Time Your jail time should be what was explained before entering the jail premises and no more. Time may be deducted in some cases should you have been detained in a vehicle or in cuffs out of a vehicle for a long period of time (excess 25mins we consider a long time to be detained). Can more jail time be added for any reason? YES 1. You broke out of jail failing to serve your full time, should you be caught you can expect your original jail time +30 minutes for escape. 2. Valid evidence that you committed another crime that had not come to light at the time of jailing. Valid evidence is in the form of a screen shot and/or video showing clearly the criminal act, Should the proof supplied be sufficient, relevant time will be added for that crime, on top of your original sentence. 4. Checkpoint building Checkpoints are permitted to be used/built anywhere that there is has a clear view of it as long as it is not the in the exceptions list below the officers running the checkpoint must state why the checkpoint is there (Drugs/Guns/Speeding tickets, ect) Exceptions: 1. Cop base main road 2. Market place connection road 1. All Civs,EMT and COP's must go though the checkpoint 2. Doing a U-Turn to avoid the checkpoint is illegal 3. Going off road to avoid the checkpoint is illegal 4. Cops can search all that pass the checkpoint but can only arrest for the reason the checkpoint was built 4a.if there is a warrant for there arrest then they can be arrested. If how ever you have a checkpoint for drugs and they have illegal weapons on them you cannot arrest them for that but you can confiscate the illegal item and give a verbal warning. End of cop rules General (Do's) and (Do Not's) that must be followed: -Never deceive new players, this is exploiting, people caught misleading players will be removed -Never dis-connect to avoid jail time if you have bin caught, you will be banned. This is the most common reason we have to ban people. If you must leave whilst on the way to jail notify the arresting officer in Teamspeak, and make it clear to ALL that you must leave, but you must be willing to carry on the sentence when you next connect. Dis-connecting to avoid jail is bad role play and a ban will be put in place. -Never when playing as a cop abuse the trust and power you have, everyone is innocent until proven guilty here. -Never Transfer special items, weapons, vehicle from one side to another. -Never use an exploit (cheat). If found out a ban will be put in place. Should you find an exploit, notify an admin -Always follow the rules above, if unsure ask an officer or an administrator for advice or any other experienced role player. -Always be honest, we all make mistakes, but we appreciate honesty here. -Cops can't use the checkpoint builder to block jail doors, cells and gates making jail brakes impossible. Any situation can be sorted through talking please don't try to deceive anyone because a ban will be put in place on you. Its all simple common sense stuff. No cheating, No dis honesty, No abuse, No problems. If you think another player is guilty of any of the above notify an administrator in private, you will stay anonymous unless anonymity cant be held due to the type of report (E.G. There was only 2 players on the server, The offender and your self are the only ones who could of know what went on) if you need full anonymity please state so in the PM. Password Changes: Every now and then we will change the server password this is to help prevent ex members gaining access to the server or giving out the password in spite to hackers and so on. In the case of a server restart you must wait in "Waiting to get on the server" for an Admin to help you. Do not ask other players as this is a bannable offence. Rule 23: You MUST always use the CL launcher to connect to the game server: If you are found to be launching into the server without the CL launcherfor any reason a Permanent ban will be set in place the reason for this rule is simple people try to load hacks and spam the server with connections to try and bypass the waiting ques. 1st: Permanent ban Ban Procedure: (Revised): Due to recent events we are unable to accept ban requests over Teamspeak 3. This includes calling ANY administrators via the message system incorporated within Teamspeak 3 to enter you channel and as well as calling for a discussion within your channel regarding your ban request. All ban requests must be posted in the Unban request section of the cityliferpg.com forum along with RELEVANT evidence. The meaning relevant evidence means photograph (screen shot), video recording or sound recording (sound recording for issues on Teamspeak only) and also the witnesses which can support your evidence. Without relevant evidence your ban request CANNOT be looked at. The ban will then be decided by a minimum of 2 administrators of citliferpg.com to judge if there is a valid case against the accused. We have had to do this as some people seem to abuse the trust in which we placed in them to look after members and the community as whole. Administrators do their best to observe the saved player stats which is a major advantage in ensuring fair play, and gives us an advantage in finding those who adjust their stats in a manner illegal in City life. Unless a admin witnesses for his/her self a problem with an individual on the server please support your ban request with the relevant evidence as described on the section above. Game server: Expected Ban offences and average durations AFK whilst on server -1st: 24hrs -2nd: 1week No attendance on Teamspeak whilst on server -1st: 24hrs -2nd: 1 week Note: The player is only AFK if they are in the AFK channel or not on the TS server. If a player is not responding on ts and is in a normal channel this dose not mean they are AFK and are exempt. This not can be over turned by a Super Admins. Giving out server password to other players. ONLY administrators are allowed to issue passwords -1st: Permanent Telling Other Players of a cheat/exploit that would gain them an advantage over others on the server -1st: Permanent. Using a known exploit to gain advantage -1st: Permanent Using/Attempting Modified PBO's/Files to Alter your Stats -1st: Permanent Racist language/abuse() -1st: Warning -2nd: Permanent Use of Global chat that effects other users -1st: Warning -2nd: 24hr -3rd: Permanent Note: Even thou we have protection on global chat you are not allowed to use global chat/voice ever you have 311, 911, Megaphone or ATC for communication Death matching#1 defined as killing constantly with no reason and no relevance to your role play -1st: Warning -2nd: Permanent Death matching#2 defined as killing for access to a certain player slot -1st: Warning -2nd: 24hr -3rd: Permanent Intimidation (Non Role play Related) -1st: Permanent Joining Cop slots to exploit limits -1st: Permanent Failing to Listen to Game Server/TS administrators -1st: warning -2nd: 24hr -3rd: Permanent Destruction/Damage of EMT items/vehicle -1st: 24hr -2nd: 48hr -3rd: Permanent Rage Quitting: Getting angry and failing to talk it through, getting arrested and leaving the server, leaving the server to avoid revive time then rejoining, leaving the server while wanted by the police whilst waiting for revive. Disconnecting while being mugged or taken hostage/kidnapped to avoid item lost or death. Admins discretion: *average 1 Week or Permanent Vehicle Storage Hiding: While in a chase by the police and the police are still visible or within 200 meters from you and you store your vehicle and disconnect. Admins discretion: *average 1 Week or Permanent Server Spamming: Connecting then disconnecting every few seconds causes massive lag, either poor internet connections, or a badly setup game files causes this. Contact an admin to help you. Admins discretion: Warning or 24hr ban and permanent ban are options for this. Server Destruction: defined as destroying building/features players rely on, dropping multiple items in such a number the server could crash. -1st: Permanent Destruction of players vehicles Using Water/Sea: Stealing ANY Players Vehicle and purposely driving into the sea is NOT role play. -1st: 24hr -2nd: permanent Note: * represents this can be skipped and a permanent ban can be enforced. Head of ban procedure: DaN Sub Head: (should the head of bans not be available) ArMaTeC bluevein Fraser Ban Advisers: I.M.G falcos Tuxor (are to post in their forums their advice and input on a ban request) Server Stats reset: Defined, this is when all players start from scratch, ALL accounts are reset, all players will be required to re-register an account on the game server. This is done every so often to enable players to take a new role, change sides clear un-used accounts and free up space on the server . Inactive accounts: if your account is inactive for more then 14 days it will be at risk of being reset so that we can free up space for new players. We will not refund the following on a stats reset: *Bank balance and any pocket cash from a previous saved game *vehicles *Items a player may have held. *Shops that a player might have owned including cash from profits made from the shop. *Houses and Items contained within them. *Any Licenses Held By a player In other words, when a stats reset is implemented you will start city life as if you have started playing for the very first time. Nothing will carry over. Other Notes: Each rule serves a a dual purpose: To keep the server alive, as well as to eliminate as much subjectivity as possible with regards to enforcing the rules. Our admins are not your stereotypical admins. We are not looking for excuses to ban people, and again we will only ban/kick if the behaviour is causing other players to feel uncomfortable and/or leave. players of any skill are welcomed. Please do your part and do your best to encourage these rules on to your fellow player as they are to benefit everyone who players on here. Jail Timer: In city life we have a idle system so if you stand sill for more then 1h an idle counter will display this will stop your jail time from decreasing. The system is in place for one reason and that's to safe guard our players from mass killers and the annoyance(**people randomly doing crimes repeatedly**). So in short you will have to serve your jail time whilst being in game and active every 60 minutes. Doing so will not effect you status in game as its your own timer that would not decrease ending in you doing more jail time. For your information, your head admins are: ArMaTeC(UK) bluevein(UK) DaN(UK) Tuxor(CAN) Sub Admins: Falcos(UK) Volume61(UK) Sjonkovic(NL) Valdar(UK) JimmyTheDeath(USA) Vaff(NOR) Thank you for your cooperation For breaking above rules you may be warned or banned appropriately! *Only when all else fails *All rules are subject to change reading once a day will help you to prevent breaking them ********************Last 10 Changes******************** Changed Rule 18 to detail better procedures(24.02.12) ArMaTeC Added Rule 20 spamming (27.02.12) ArMaTeC Changed EMT do's and do not's (11.03.12) ArMaTeC Added Chain of command section (13.03.12) ArMaTeC Added Rule 21 leeching (14.03.12) ArMaTeC Added Rule 22 CLPD rule set (25.03.12) ArMaTeC Changed Global chat to give detail better procedures (26.05.12) ArMaTeC Added note to afk rule (29.05.12) ArMaTeC Fixed a few typos and reworded a few bits (09.06.12) ArMaTeC Added rule 23 (15.08.12) ArMaTeC Added to rule 7 (9.09.12) ArMaTeC Edited multi account rule (21.09.12) ArMaTeC ********************************************************************* If you failed interview then its a perma banned.
  5. Yeah man, I've been here since march played about 3/4 months none stop, come back time to time and i get this, The Kingslayer: Thanks mate your showing me respect and wish you the best Yours James
  6. Thanks mate, picked a bad time to do this lol. I'll retry whenever i have time
  7. After reading some comments, Can you please remove my topic, (fusionpoo) this is why we cant have nice things <---Thanks Try and see on when i joined, I havent played in a weeks or so but can you remove this. Try to be active in american timezone since im GMT +1 and have other mates to play with.
  8. You joking right i have been active maybe not on the forums but i have other guys and groups with.
  9. Hello all my name is James but i am called Rec ;D I'm from Ireland Dublin Age: 19 Since my time here i've played some of the best games TVT/COTVT/COOP are just amazing plus and the work that is done to keep this server up and running, im part of a community called city life 2 and we role play a lot and we have mostly have the same rules and we respect all. If you would like me to part of this group, I ll be more then happy Yours James. ARMA2 Profile Name: James ARMA2 Profile ID: (Fill this when i play)
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